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Security forces in control of the headquarters of Anbar operations and preparing to besiege palaces

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Security forces in control of the headquarters of Anbar operations and preparing to besiege palaces


Anbar / long-Presse

Confirmed Khalidiya district council, north of Al-Anbar, on Tuesday, that the security forces tightened their control of the area five kilometers headquarters operations Anbar west of Ramadi, in preparation to storm the position.
And as pointed out that the mines and improvised explosive devices planted by Daash in the streets and buildings are the main obstacle delaying the liberation of the city from the terrorists. He pointed out that the next step will be to besiege the presidential palaces and disinfection of the provincial council
building., Said Ibrahim al-Fahdawi, head of the security committee in the district council Khalidiya, said that "consisting of anti-terrorism security forces and the band 16 of the Iraqi army, tightened control completely on the five kilometer area, from Axis west, and the headquarters of Anbar Operations Command, and it was preparing to enter the city center.
"He added Fahdawi (range Press) that" the security forces have become very close to the presidential palaces, which includes the Palace of Justice and the Council of Anbar province, "likely to" be able within the next few days Edit the headquarters of the provincial council of Daash terrorist gangs.
"the security official in Khalidiya and explained that" the biggest obstacle most obvious faced by the security forces are improvised explosive devices and mines planted in the streets and buildings as well as having some terrorist incubators, "adding," but a lot of the families of the cooperative region with troops security and provide it with information about the terrorists.
"He stressed Fahdawi" The presence of intelligence coordination of high-level between the security forces and local forces, "stressing that" the security forces provided the local police and the fight against terrorism and the Rapid Reaction Brigade of names of wanted to capture them or kill them.
"In another context revealed the security official The "Coalition aircraft based on intelligence information, carried out an air strike targeted a gathering of organizing Daash amid spend Hit, (70 km west of Anbar), killing and information minister organization in Anbar called peace Ismail star."
Ibrahim al-Fahdawi added that "the investigations and security information indicate that the so-called peace Ismail, is one of the most prominent leaders of the organization as well as being the brother of the Minister of War in Daash named Adnan Ismail required security.
"He pointed out that" most of the leaders and warlords organization Daash in Anbar were killed during ongoing since year and a half cleansing battles resulting to the collapse of the organization of cells and the flight of hundreds of their members to Syria.
"Furthermore, the leadership of the island operations and the desert in Anbar province, announced on Tuesday, killed 11 members of the organization Daash airstrike Airline Alliance, which targeted the gatherings organized in the western areas of the province.
The commander Major General Ali Ibrahim Dbon operations in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The intelligence enabled the airline alliance launched an air strike targeted the gatherings to organize Daash in quarterly area and cupboard affiliate to spend western Anbar Hit, which killed 11 members of the organization."
He added Dbon "The air strike destroyed four wheels was traveling organization Daash in attacks against security forces in the western regions with the bombing of a large cache of weapons and rockets in western Anbar cupboard area."
Dbon He stressed that the "cleansing battles going on in the western areas of Anbar high pace and the support of tribal fighters and cover Joy of Flight International Coalition.
"so to spend Khalidiya the local council announced in Anbar province, the arrival of three battalions of the federal police from Baghdad to grab the land liberated west of Ramadi.
The head of the local council to spend Khalidiya, David, in an interview with the (long-Presse), said that" Three battalions of the Federal Police arrived at the five kilometer zones and seven kilometers and surrounding areas of western cutter to gray after cleared coming from Baghdad to grab the land liberated in cooperation with tribal fighters.
"said David that" the federal police force will be security and the duty to preserve the liberated areas and assign the pieces combat Almottaghvlh in peripheral Ramadi west and north, "noting that" the battle cleanse the gray of a guerrilla organization Daash approached dramatically after the achievement of an important military targets in the battles and confrontations that broke the back of terrorism in cutters and axes gray all.
"For its part, Anbar Operations Command announced that, for the bombing of four Wheels bomb carrying elements of Daash as they tried to attack the security forces in the north of Ramadi Jereche area (110 km) west of Baghdad.
He said Maj. Gen. Ismail Mahlawi in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The security forces were able to repel a terrorist attack four-wheel bomb tried targeting ground forces in Jereche area (14 km north of gray), have been booby-trapped wheels bombing using rockets and heavy weapons of the army before they reach the security barrier and no casualties among the security forces.
"Mahlawi said that" the organization Daash become in a state of collapse and confusion, making it uses wheels bombs and suicide bombers in a failed attempt to breach the security barriers deployed in gray surroundings, "asserting that" the next few days will be gray purge after the completion of all the procedures that have been developed for the process of intrusion with the participation of all kinds of security services and cover flight international coalition and assign tribal fighters. "

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