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Activation of NATO and cooperation with Moscow and Tehran to eliminate Daash

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Activation of NATO and cooperation with Moscow and Tehran to eliminate Daash

Wednesday, 11/18/2015 0:19

/ Othello Alajafal / Baghdad news
dark night experienced by the City of Light Paris after a bloody attack that launched the organization Daash terrorist could open a wide door to speed up the war against the organization in Iraq and Syria. France launched retaliatory strikes has reached 20 air strike in the northern cities northern Syria on Sunday the past, the US strikes and accompanied well as the same level, which demanded a lot of brass analysts in the world, following the (Powell Doctrine) which destroys the opponent quickly. Fred Kaplan, a strategist important in the United States, and his writings task including a book (David Petraeus and conspiracy to change the American way of war) and book (1959: the year that changed everything), says in a report I followed and translates as "Baghdad News" magazine (Slate) of America, that "the French President Francois Hollande said that his nation is at war, and US President Barack Obama We stresses are united against this threat. But why should that mean these statements? What should I do? .. has thrown 12 French military aircraft 20 bombs on targets to regulate Daash in the Syrian tenderness City Sunday night, and it seems that this is the beginning of a broader campaign, As the barge Charles de Gaulle bombed other targets. Obama has vowed to intensify air strikes and other US military operations, also reports that four attack aircraft flew from bases in Turkey, and destroyed 116 trucks carrying oil, which smuggle them past the organization Daash across eastern Syria appeared. " he adds Kaplan said, "This is a good start, especially strikes on fleets of oil, the main source of income for the organization Daash, where were these fleets constitute a mystery for a long time, was the question .. why not attacked intensely than before? . " and it refers Kaplan said, "In recent weeks, he received the organization Daash losses on several fronts, from the Kurds in northern Iraq and Syria, and the Syrian army and Hezbollah forces in the center of Syria, and the Iraqi army and the forces of the popular crowd in western Iraq, all of which are supported by the Air Force US. This represents a new phase in the war against the terrorist organization that was able to gather fighters from all corners of the globe, and take them to the regions, but the international will was able to break the power of Daash, prompting cells sleeper to advancement. "Draws Kaplan that" this is the right time international coalition to move forward in these gains. But it does not seem clear that these forces are ready, or have the political will to do so. Author lists some steps that can help them defeat Daash First, NATO must be enabled to Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty, which states that (an attack on any NATO member is treated as an attack on all of them). Such a material that turns into concrete action, and can be used to make progress for the allies. The impact of the attack by Daash to France, can activate the NATO forces, and Members must fulfill the basic obligations of collective defense.   "Adds Kaplan" Secondly, at the US base in Turkey and neighboring bases in other countries to intensify air strikes, and must be fiercely largest . But it should not be bombing at random. The French crossed their borders retaliatory strike in Raqqa, where they cut water and electricity for the city, home to more than 200 thousand people, most of them victims of Daash organization, and must focus on the specific military objectives and in coordination with ground attacks to the maximum extent possible. Third, should the Air Force go to support all ground troops involved in the fighting against Daash, regardless of these parties, whether that was the Iranian-backed militias, or views differ with the international coalition countries like Russia. This is not a simple battle of Cold War-style. It must transcend any difference in this case was actually aimed at Daash war, despite the differences that existed between Franklin Roosevelt and Churchill and Stalin, the vision of Russia occupies Soviet Union were better than the Nazi German flag flutter on the European continent as a whole option. That is why the cooperation with Iran and Russia, despite differences, is better than the control Daash on Iraq and Syria in full, bringing the matter to a major war in Europe and the United States, as well as states allied to the Arab Gulf countries. "

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