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The temptations of the security of the European Investment cause blindness .. vision of the writer Abdul Khaliq Hussein

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The temptations of the security of the European Investment cause blindness .. vision of the writer Abdul Khaliq Hussein

November 17, 2015 0

West is paying for condoning crimes Arabia
Abdul Khaliq Hussein

The terrorist operations coordinated series in the heart of the French capital of Paris on Friday evening 13/11/2015, which resulted in more than 129 dead and 350 injured, shocked the world's conscience, which is a strict warning to the Western world percent of the time or a thousand, that terrorism is not dedicated to Iraq and Syria because of the marginalization year as they claim, it is a product of the minds slice washing of young Muslims doctrine Wahhabism expiatory process, and Saudi money and country enormous that divided the world into Darren: Dar al-Islam and Dar infidels, and that is the duty of Muslims to fight the infidels to declare their Islam and Wahhabism. And infidels in the Dictionary of the Wahhabis is not limited to non-Muslims from Jews, Christians and others, but has become even includes Shiite Muslims "Shiites," and the year "apostates" who violate their approach terrorist, Vitnhm perverts Islam "right" and killed a duty!.

But what blind foresight Western governments is greed and greed in the Saudi investment and the Gulf, Vgadwa of the dirty role played by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf governments in support of terrorism, and contributed to the destruction of the Arab governments that are not at peace with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and their approach Wahhabi backward. Here and French President Francois Hollande, who has shown no less enthusiastic about Hamas Saudi King Almkhrv to remove Bashar al-Assad to meet with arms deals worth tens of billions of dollars. The same behavior Anthjtah America and Britain in the destruction of Syria under the pretext that Bashar marginalized Sunni majority of the Syrian people. Do you know these lesson now?

The terrorist operations since before the September 11, 2001 disaster in the United States, through incidents of subway trains in London in 2005, and the recent crime to Paris, has all at the hands of gangs of Muslim graduates Wahhabi mosques and schools funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. However, Western governments are trying to find a justification for the absurd flimsy acquitted these two wicked, and even make up her local such as the marginalization of the Sunnis in Iraq and Syria, and conflict Persian -arabiy justifications ... etc. The time has come for the people of Western countries to face their governments complicit with Saudi Arabia and Qatar to tell her greedy Enough (enough is enough).

Saudi Arabia supports terrorism in secret, at the same time pay one hundred million dollars to the Department of counter-terrorism at the United Nations for advertising and media, which violate the most basic human rights against its own people, but heads the human rights organization in the international organization. Saudi Arabia prevent the entry of any sacred book of the books of other religions and confiscated from passengers at airports and dealing Kcilat Borno, but the disposal of millions of dollars on conferences coexistence between religions and sects smokescreen.

Saudi Arabia seized more than 70% of the Arab media to mislead the Arabs, and the dissemination of sectarian strife and destruction of minds. Here is the Foreign Minister disclose any rudeness and impudence that their purpose Shiites isolate from the world, knowing that Shiites make up about 20% of the Saudi population. This statement is not an invitation to fascism and a violation of human rights and citizenship? These facts are known to all, however, be overlooked if only because Saudi Arabia has huge money can by buying mercenary pens of journalists and scribes and Scott governments for its crimes against humanity.
What happened in Paris the evening of 11/13/2015, from the tragic events disastrous bright new evidence that Islamic terrorism Wahhabi backed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar threatens the whole world, and will continue to threaten human civilization and to the products of a democratic and humanitarian values, what Western governments did not take the following measures:
1. Western governments, especially America, Britain and France, to unite its efforts with all nations fighting terrorism seriously, such as Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia, and to stop the tone overthrow Bashar al-Assad, Vasagat Bashar internal matter for the Syrian people alone, and not the business of any other party.
2. must insert the Wahhabi creed in the list of ideologies of fascism and Nazism and the Baathist , racism, sectarianism, anti-humanity and human civilization, and work to weed them out of communities by all means available.
3. must Arabia accounting and Qatar and all government, group or individuals for their support of terrorist gangs and under any name whatsoever, such as al-Qaeda, and Daash, and Al-Nusra Front, and Ahrar al-Sham , and Naqshbandi, and the Army of Muhammad, and the Taliban and PKU is forbidden, and the courts of young people, and thanked the good ... and many others. All of these gangs and without supported financially and militarily and in the media of Saudi Arabia exception condemns Wahhabism infidels.
4. must put all the mosques in the West, funded by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states under surveillance, and to hold accountable all those who publish extremism and racial and religious discrimination and sectarian.
5. Governments must Bank to make the safety and security of their people above everything, above and arms deals with Gulf countries which use the funds to impose Bdoadtha Bedouin values ​​and underdeveloped western civilized societies.

The bottom line
I can assure you that without Saudi support for the parties of political Islam and terrorist organizations, and the dissemination of the Wahhabi religious extremism, what was the world today is facing this imminent danger. Therefore, Western governments should impose pressure on Saudi Arabia to halt financial support to spread religious extremism and political Islam.

As well as the Islamic communities in the West that the responsibilities and take firm action to stop this madness, Vsber West is limited, and will lead in the near future to an explosion of the situation, and the victory of the right-wing extremist parties, such as Nazism and Fascism to receive power as happened in the first half of the twentieth century, and gets to the Muslims in the West, as happened to the Jews of Europe from the Holocaust genocide, and this time the Arabs and the Muslims living in the West are wood burners next to the Holocaust.

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