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Starting local development process at a cost of 12 million euros

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Starting local development process at a cost of 12 million euros

November 17, 2015 0

Minister of Planning Dr. Salman al-Jumaili revealed that the implementation of the ministry of local development project in its second phase over three years, which aims to promote public policies and the provision of services and the development of planning and implementation process at the provincial level.

He Jumaili in a speech during his participation in the workshop on local development in Iraq, which began its operations in Baghdad on Tuesday and the two-day program .. that this project is implemented with the support of the program Organization United Nations Development and funded by the European Union with $ 12 million euros .. Indicating that the local development project will help the federal government to raise the coordination with local governments in the provinces and increase the participation of local communities in development in order to achieve good governance at the level of Iraq

Jumaili He pointed out that the ministry is working at the present stage to prepare sectoral strategies spatial nine governorates of Anbar - Salahuddin - Nineveh - Kirkuk - Diyala - Diwaniyah - Muthanna - Maysan and Basra by providing support to the institutions at the local level in the planning and implementation of improvements in the type of services that in line with the development priorities and local needs and in line with the national development strategy and the Millennium Development Goals .. He explained that the project paid special attention to the provinces which have suffered from and the conditions of security problems affected the various development sectors, which requires the development of strategic plans for the reconstruction and the advancement of various sectors and thereby saving jobs and creating a state of population stabilization in those provinces .. pointing out that the project includes an important focus and is preparing for the urban development of all of Iraq's provinces strategies according to the agreement with the United Nations Human Settlements Organization (Habitat) and UNDP UN .. as well as the adoption of planning models urban model and prepare the map Spatial Development Industrial and basic schemes for urban transport and building data on state land base to enhance the allocation of land for development projects and support the work with universities in the field of sustainable urban development in the provinces of selected ability.

He stressed Jumaili that the spatial dimension of development is an important element in achieving comprehensive and sustainable national development, a technique that balances the standard economic efficiency and social justice in the distribution of investments between all parts of Iraq .. He pointed out that this standard is based on the comparative advantage in the distribution of economic activities and events between regions and provinces, including maximizing returns utilization of available resources and therefore it represents the best method for fairness and justice and reduce the spatial variability in the economic, social and urban development levels and the imposition of an urban system distributed about hierarchical acceptable her connotations positive economically, socially and environmentally and thus securing the active participation by the departments and communities to ensure proper implementation development programs.

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