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Cultural wealth

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1 Cultural wealth on Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:54 am



Cultural wealth

Author: Nizar Abdul Sattar

11/17/2015 0:00

Culture standard over me enter into several components and countries invest as wealth to strengthen its presence and its economy and increase the weight of moral Iraq, however, in half a century ago, focused on the concept of power and the face of culture toward enhancing the legitimacy of power and deliberately to deform history and Tjaarh for governor and instead of heading the cultural discourse abroad and enhances the mind cultural and humanitarian reversed inward and Ozvh of dispossession and maiming and psychological repression of intellectual and therefore dwarf
Personal Iraqi and make them move away from the function of enlightenment and adheres to the instinct to survive
The building of a cultural face of Iraq's process not limited to cognitive memory deposited in the conscience of intellectual and it needs a big effort navigate the country to Marketing and competition and make it acceptable shape
and this requires a review of the official cultural our collections and processing requirements for advancement and investment pillars and dimensional cultural and act together, the national cultural done over the past centuries and determine the features and integrated circulation daily cognitive as belonging feature
and pride.
One of the main steps to move toward the creation of an Iraqi culture is to put infrastructure for the life of an enabling make cultural engagement possible condition stable environment characterized by circular, for the Iraqi citizen that hints at the existence of theaters, libraries, exhibitions and creativity sees part of a dynamic society, standing him to try it and access it.
It should bring out the Ministry of Culture of the idea of trade union department to be Interface and a well-established court and this requires a new understanding of the relationship of intellectual institutions of the state.
The Iraqi intellectuals seen as the Ministry of Culture as a money bag and it can bring jobs and other gains delegated. The domestication of the Iraqi creativity politically and harness the potential of the state propaganda experience Orth complications in the work of the government and in the sabotage of the intellectual and the marginalized and exiled
for his surroundings and interactive thus leaving Iraq without a cultural face and no effect on the level
of international.
If you add the destruction of the long-ammunition Iraq because of the wars, the Ministry of Culture task focus exclusively in the maintenance of the country's heritage and
The role of official culture must be based on the development of Iraqi experiences and reconnect with the world and update styles and create infrastructure for Heritage and Antiquities and the introduction of international expertise and the nationalization of important sites and force the state to provide the physical potential to restore the face of Iraq's civilization and make it an active and influential and able to correct the global impression of Iraq.

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