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The expansion of the central claims of acceptance

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The expansion of the central claims of acceptance

11/17/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning - Haidar virgins
while awaiting the students and their parents instructions for parallel education announcement, appealed to a number of objectors students on the central acceptance, expanding acceptance and not to confiscate the seats of study and converted to parallel education.
This comes at a time when the Ministry of Higher Education is preparing to launch e-objection form to choose an alternative to the college and the Institute and in accordance with the minimum limits, while confirmed that the acceptance of successful students from the third round went, but they will begin in colleges over the next year.
student (Mary Asad), a graduate of the scientific branch, said in a statement »Sabah» during vigil the results of the acceptance organized by a number of students within the ministry, the number of students appeared to them admission to colleges and institutes are not included in the student's choices made ​​by through the electronic form, ie that the ministry is of the choice of college or institute in spite of the commitment of some applicants Apply to colleges commensurate with the rate and total, demanding a re-nomination for each student chose his ministry entirety or his institute.
The student (Mohammed Jabr) Between that and a number of protesting students in front of the Ministry of Higher Education, looking for a solution to the problem of acceptance that will determine their future through their specialization, expressing surprise of the reasons that the ministry called on to show acceptance of some students in the institutes and their colleagues in colleges even though they have the same rate and in some cases equal, they have a degree of some of the material Aldraseh.odaa to cancel selectivity and deal evenly between the students, adding that they are demonstrating for a third day respectively, but none of the officials did not come out to consider their demands.
She spoke student (Vivian Habib) in the same order, saying: acceptance plan for the academic year 2015 (2016) in the morning studies, where parallel education that accepts students introduced who say their rate two notches their colleagues admitted centrally to join with their peers to meet sums of money determined by the presidency of the university in coordination with the faculties and departments, demanding that it not be a parallel education burden to the student who won the entitlement despite the fact that the proportion of acceptance of students does not exceed ten percent of the capacity of each section, noting that the should not be confiscation of seats scholarships to eligible applicants and admitted to colleges lowest and promote parallel education.
While reduced student (gift Nazim) of opportunities to change the acceptance or satisfaction of students across objection which she said he always results appear contrary to the aspirations of the student, indicating that he and even though the average is 95 However, he was accepted at the School of Nursing and her colleagues at the College of Engineering or Pharmacy in Nineveh and Anbar universities in spite of their success in the first round and the majority of subjects in equal degrees.
It showed that the ministry will announce that there is a trade-off grades and the role in which the student has succeeded, or even invoke energy absorption, she says.
This tried «morning» CONTACT official Spokesmen for the ministry, Dr. Haidar Mohammed Jabr to answer and inquire about the central acceptance of the results, but he did not answer the phone or on the messages through social networking facebook site «» »its own, since last week.
In regard to a link, he said ministry spokesman Dr. Haidar slave to accept the third round of university students marched and will not change, but assuming postponed to next year.
He went in a press statement that the delay was the result they complete exams and entering in the central admissions program late, the failure to assuming in colleges and institutes which have been accepted there.
He pointed out that each student succeed in any role has the right to the central admission, pointing out that the crossing of the Ministry of Education for official timings to deliver successful results of students, led to a delay in assuming in their faculties, which began attendance for more than two months.

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