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Differences retard View «ban terrorist sites» to vote

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Differences retard View «ban terrorist sites» to vote

11/17/2015 0:00

Shaima Rashid Baghdad
caused a difference of views between the members of the Legal Committee and the Committee on Culture Alniabaten formula ban media sites totals for the "terrorist" law to postpone the vote, while decided to form a joint committee to develop a final draft him. Member of the Committee of Culture and Information for the parliamentary state law Haider Mawla said the dispute was not the root of the subject, but on the particles, confirming the formation of a joint committee for drafting the final law. Mawla, and in an interview with «morning», said that «the difference in views led to the postponement of voting on it», indicating that «some MPs believed the need to re-formulated with a regulatory and legal more and be a law, while others want a decision, while Congress goes to maintain on these sites and not to be blocked in order to people familiar with the heinous crimes committed by terrorists. » Mawla, adding that «it was agreed to form a joint committee of the committees of Culture, Media and legal Alniabaten to prepare a final draft and submit it to the parliament for approval», noting that the Committee will be held during the next two days its first meeting ».
For his part, attributed the decision of the Legal Committee Hassan Turan not to vote the law not presented to the committee before its inclusion on the agenda of the meeting.
He noted Turan, «morning», that «the issue of ban sites that promote gangs terrorist Daash does not differ by two, because it is part of the fight against terrorism, which uses the media must fight it intellectually and media By all means », pointing out that« the dispute regards two points are not presented to the Commission and the second concerning the application of the ban mechanisms ».
Tauran explained that« the Committee on Culture believes that the decision to ban and closure issued by the Court of publication while the Legal Committee to go to be through the body Judiciary in the media and communications.
»Tauran added that« additional proposal made ​​by the 50 deputies that would add some satellite channels », stressing that« the need to take into account that these things are exploited in political issues or competitive, partisan or misused in the future against satellite ». It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives will be held on Tuesday, its regular vote and the reading of a number of draft laws, most notably the discussion of the budget for fiscal 2016.
According to a statement of the Council received «morning» the agenda of the meeting includes the «vote on the draft Martyrs Foundation Law, and read the report and discuss the draft law the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2016. »

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