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Cement industry supports GDP

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1 Cement industry supports GDP on Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:45 am



Cement industry supports GDP

11/17/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD joy pumice
is the cement industry in Iraq as a base for supporting the process of economic development and the basis for a national industries as the cornerstone in the process of reconstruction and investment with the availability of raw materials for the industry task. Reflected the need for Iraq to infrastructure and a wide range of methods of transport and the system of sewers, bridges or dams, in addition to developing the oil industry, which require the use of cement in those areas, particularly it represents a fundamental building block for many of the multiple construction industry as an industry Kashi and Alsteikr and block walls and concrete ready-made and others.
In this affairs, said economic expert on behalf of Antoine: The «cement industry of the leading investment industries, the first after the petrochemical industries and oil in terms of attracting investment and national savings to provide materials and expertise locally in Iraq and the magnitude of capital invested in it.
He said Antoine» Sabah », said the cement industry form «corner» in the housing sector stone in light of the acute housing crisis faced by the country that may exceed 3 million housing units currently with a population increase (2.8 - 3) percent per year with an average of a million people, as you need annual population increase to nearly (180) thousand additional housing units at a rate of (5-6) people per housing unit where you need all housing units consisting of (100-125) square meters approximately (40-45) tons of cement.
He said the industry is working on the operation Iyad worker Iraq, especially in areas devoid of industries Kalsmoh and leap and the rest of the other areas and bring life to it, as well as to attract the private sector to contribute to the establishment of special projects, as well as foreign investment sector who worked on the localization of the national capital.
The expert stressed the need for taking into consideration domestic production rate of demand for the industry, it will provide a rare coin substitute for extensive its imports, in addition to the possibility of transforming Iraq from importing country to source and compete with the industry in the region by virtue of the comparative advantages enjoyed by Iraq, as in the last century, as the cement industry contribute to the gross domestic product being enjoyed relative quality in its articles initial accumulated Iraqi and expertise over 70 years.
The number of manufacturers of cement 21 factories and there are several others under formation design capacity of up to 30.8 million tons per year in the public and private sectors, but the proportions production has declined in 2014 because of the terrorist attacks on the northern areas of the country, so, according to Antoine, it must be the expansion of existing projects and construction of new plants and the reduction of imports across multiple legislation, the presence of a capacity market and a wide, looking for continued growth within the country.
It is the advancement of industry requirements cement and especially that rests with the government, urged Antoine on the application of the four economic laws legislated by the House of Representatives (the tariff, the national product protection, consumer protection, competition and prevent dumping), in addition to the application of Circular No. (2945) for the year 2013 and instruct the purchase of Iraqi cement in government projects.
He also stressed the need for fuel sale for projects of cement at a subsidized price, similar to neighboring countries as a cornerstone in the production of cement to create the atmosphere of competition with the importer, and activating the role of standardization and quality control and customs services, particularly the border points to adjust the importer and spoofed him, as well as prevent the import of cement Jasmine because he retractable cheated more broadly.
As for the investors, stressed expert to support and facilitate their work in the import of machinery and equipment under the recently amended investment law, and skip the red tape and bureaucracy in dealing with manufacturers and private foreign investors, as well as activating the role of consumer protection associations and civil society organizations for the purpose of control on the internal market.
With Asher Antoine to the requirements incumbent upon the government, summed placed on cement makers tasks in the public and private sectors, and by maintaining good Balnoaiat in the cement industry according to Iraqi and international specification, development and production of other new species, and work to reduce the costs to create ambience fair competition with cement importer to benefit from the comparative advantages of production, as well as pledge to increase domestic production through the existing factories expansion and delivery to the design capacity with the establishment of new plants to meet the market need
He also called on manufacturers to improve and develop distribution and marketing process and delivery to all local markets outlets and prevent monopoly, and the expansion of existing projects lines and other production lines turnkey construction to accommodate the surplus of cement product or block factories, as well as solve the pollution problem plaguing some factories, which affect the health of some areas, noting at the same time the need to activate the role of the Cement Manufacturers Association to be unit support and defend the existing projects through to benefit from the Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials experienc

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