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Reform and an effective means for the settlement of capital

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Reform and an effective means for the settlement of capital

11/17/2015 0:00

Baghdad-Imad emirate
reform of public finance sector involves a package of measures needed to address imbalances and deficiencies in both sides of the general budget and measures, expenditure and revenue, so working to improve aspects of public spending and the use of new technology to optimize the use of resources and reduce its size without damaging the poor class, also requires It's improving by the public revenue, particularly tax revenue and try to invent new ways to increase it.
Within this axis, said the economist d. Imad al-Ani of the Faculty of Administration and Economics at the University of Baghdad: that the reform of public finance sector process is one of the most important key steps for economic reform.
He said in an interview for »Sabah»: the process a driving force for economic and social reform comprehensively for being a basic requirement and necessary to build a society on the basis of sound economic focus on private economic activity and given opportunities to participate in the construction of Iraqi society.
as well as the rebuilding of government revenues on the basis of efficient and effective market is also an economic reform value for the settlement of the national capital and attract foreign private investment.
He said al-Ani said the reform process include, inter fundamental and radical steps flowing in two directions presidents, the first repair expenses by which they can control measures on the size of public spending by improving public expenditure management, which includes the re-spending technology.
The second aspect includes reform of revenue and improve collected and invent new ways to increase and that the most important paragraph in this aspect focus on the reform of the tax administration
and policy.
and between al-Ani said the move needs to be a special technique graduated from an efficient and knowledgeable team in all regards Alanakkak the sense that the public spending gradually until you start rate to decrease gradually.
It is intended enabled public spending as the use of modern methods to assign a process where optimal use of this allocation, explaining This is done by tracking maintenance path since allocated and approved through the phase of implementation and exit from financial disclosure to the government and control the effects that result in all stages of down to the desired goal to them, stressing that financial reform is based on the re-distribution Specific to spend.
He said that means changing the role of the state drastically from the broad-interference and non-specified in the economy, characterized by the weakness of his competence to carry out specific and clear tasks and more effectively means that we have to take social things on a large scale and spend revenue more productively through redirected to finance development projects and basic services, the most productive and economic and social return on the biggest economic growth and those that contribute to the alleviation of poverty and raise the level of welfare of the citizen.
He concluded d. Ani to say: in light of the structure of financial resources and the multiplicity of developmental needs and diversity and with a defect in the general budget, the need to increase public spending rationally check effectiveness and efficiency require the use of technology required to raise the efficiency of maintenance and paybacks as well as the activation of public revenues so as to ensure the safety of the financial position of the government.

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