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Jubouri warns of "demographic change" in mixed areas

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Jubouri warns of "demographic change" in mixed areas


BAGHDAD / long-Presse

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, on Monday, the lack of response to the "demographic change" in mixed areas, as demanded the return of conscription work to integrate all the components of the Iraqi people, expressed regret what happened from attacks in the French capital Paris.
Jubouri said in a speech during the celebration of the United Nations on the occasion of International Day for Tolerance which was held at the Babylon Hotel in central Baghdad, and attended (range Press), that "There should be serious work by the parties to the political process to enhance mutual trust in each other that promote tolerance to be able to control the religious and national extremism to dislodge the scene of violence and revenge, "noting that" Iraq has a lot of mixed areas and this is a big risk can not surrender to him and can not respond to demographic change. " Speaker of Parliament and added that "the migration of Sunnis and Shiites to their areas led to the absence mixed areas of indigenous their population," adding that "loyalty to the homeland is not incompatible with loyalty secondary affiliations but it must be a priority for the country."
Jubouri said that "coexistence requires the acceptance of pluralism and respect for cultural Created and it is supposed to know the other and opening it and connect to it and live with it, "pointing out that" the most important opportunities that ensure coexistence Time is the universities that embraces slice of educated young people to contribute to the strengthening of the culture. " He called al-Jubouri to "re-work conscription to integrate all the components of the Iraqi people." He said al-Jubouri, "What happened in the French capital Paris makes us within the framework of the collective responsibility of saving the world from terrorism days ago and this requires the deployment of a culture of peace everywhere." The head of the House of Representatives, "We in the Middle East, especially Iraq endured the responsibility of direct confrontation that we need support not limited to confront terrorism," stressing the need to "support the coexistence programs and diversity particularly from international organizations do not hesitate to issue legislation to support this trend."
In the same context, criticized United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), on Monday, the national card law in Iraq, and pointed out that religious minorities in this threatened law, and while some expressed the fear on the Iraqi minorities from "a similar fate to the Jews", stressed the need to "eliminate extremism." . Said Georgi Posten, Vice President of the United Nations Mission in Iraq for Political Affairs, in a speech during the ceremony, that "Iraq is an ancient country. Longer countries nobility over the crisis hit their reinstatement to strife and conflict many times but whenever ravaged crisis by sat peoples leaders and defused the crisis "noting that" the fear of the other led to the evacuation of the Jews and the rest of this fear of the other components of Iraq. " Posten said that "Article 26 of the Uniform national card law came at a critical passes by the country's time," he said, adding that "most Iraqi factions are committed to Ptaichehem even this article, which Zaazat private religious minorities which it considered threatened coexistence emerged."
He said the UN official that " coexistence, peace and peace source safety and security of source means stability and that's what you want every religious and ethnic components of the country and our work with the Government of Iraq on the consolidation of tolerance and coexistence.
"He pointed Posten that" what we see as a serious development in the security file in Baghdad, Beirut and Paris people destabilize safe Therefore it is our elimination of extremism, "pointing out that" the organization Daash hybrid is unable to continue and elimination of love, tolerance and unity, autism, there should all live the way he understands that and should not be warring for the imposition of the way on the other. "

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