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Iraq warned France one day before the Paris bombings

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Iraq warned France one day before the Paris bombings

Tuesday 11.17.2015 0:08

/ Othello Alajafal / Baghdad news
while Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said Iraq has warned France of attacks that took place last week, raised his statement ridicule some Iraqi observers, where did not believe it most observers, and sincerity -aly Amadd- asked if Iraq had this ability intelligence, why not exploit to ward off bombings sweeping the streets on a daily basis? World Post World site of America Pencchth, said in a report I followed and translates as "Baghdad News" that "a senior official in the Iraqi intelligence service warned the coalition countries of impending attacks Sishnha Daash, one day before all of deadly attacks that took place in Paris last week, which led to the deaths of 129 people. " The report, "it said Iraqi intelligence sent a telegram in which she says that (the leader Daash Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi his aides ordered the attack on the international coalition countries, as well as Iran and Russia through bombings or assassinations or hostage-taking in the coming days). "The report pointed out that" the Iraqis did not send any specific details on when or where they would attack, "where high-ranking security official French says that" French intelligence you get this type of communication at all time of every day. "He pointed out the report that" six senior Iraqi officials sent this information, and four of those have warned France specifically of a possible attack, "The report states that the information sent by the Iraqi side states that" the organization of Daash planned in the city Syrian tenderness attacks Sishnha to Paris, where they were training the attackers specifically for this operation and in order to send them to France. "French officials said a" sleeper cell in France met with the attackers and received training on the implementation of the plan, where 24 people participated in the process 0.19 striker and five other officials logistics and planning. "adopted a regulation Daash in a statement last Saturday, the bombings that hit the French capital Paris, which led to the deaths of nearly 149 people series. He promised to organize bombings in revenge for Syria, where he was one of the gunmen bombers call by saying God is great it is for Syria, before blowing himself up, causing the deaths of nearly 100 people had gathered at a concert in one of the halls in Paris. The attacks came hours after the United States killed butcher in organizing Daash John in one of the raids on elements Daash in Syria and who was responsible for the slaughter of a number of American and British hostages. Commented one of the supporters of the organization Daash on the Paris bombings, saying through a social networking sites that "Paris burn, burned Oh Paris as Muslims burned in Mali, Africa, Iraq and Syria. " And detect other influential backers for the organization in comments to them that the London and Rome and Washington will be the targets of attacks are awesome to come. He said Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari told reporters in Vienna, last Sunday, that "agencies Iraqi intelligence received information that some countries might be targeted, including France and the US United and Iran, and exchanged intelligence information with those countries. "

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