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Political Day

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Political Day


Baghdad Operations bear the responsibility for the latest bombings
Demanded the Liberal bloc parliamentary leader of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi change the security chiefs in Baghdad, blaming the Baghdad Operations Command responsibility for Sadr City bombings inspired the world.
The MP said the bloc Messenger Tai said that "Sadr City and worker exposed each to a suicide bombing and claimed Dhathma dozens of martyrs and injured amid a government silence.
"He said al-Tai that" the lack of the presence of cars Sonar in Baghdad and the lack thereof in Sitarat Sadr City, in addition to the corrupt officers in the military reason for the ease of introduction of car bombs and suicide bombers to the city ", adding that" the Baghdad Operations Command, responsible for bombing.
"The member of the Liberal bloc," the ministries of interior, defense and national security to activate the intelligence effort and provide the entrances of Sadr City car sonar. "

Peshmerga will want to exploit the crowd and lit differences in Tuz
He said the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary member Hoshyar Abdullah, there lurks the popular crowd and the Peshmerga and seeks to undermine the relationship between them. He said Abdullah "We are watching with concern the unfortunate events that took place between the Peshmerga forces and the crowd popular in Tuz, has long been linked by a close relationship based on cooperation and coordination and joint action since the start of the war on terror, has always mixed the blood of the martyrs of the Peshmerga popular and the crowd in the arena of battle in defense of the land and honor." .
A member of the security committee of parliamentary "the need to form a higher committee between the Peshmerga and popular crowd joint coordination in mixed areas where these forces exist, and that everyone agrees to close the door of sedition and the adoption of a media speech calling for calm and a concerted effort and guide barrel of a gun towards the organization Daash terrorist as a common enemy ".

Baghdad allocations in the budget of 2016 non-existent
MP for the National Coalition Kadhim al-Shammari called on the government and the House of Representatives to reconsider assignments capital Baghdad in the budget next year 2016.oukal Shammari said "what happened during the Seoul rains last and was followed by incidents in the capital and districts, counties affiliate gave a clear signal to the poor services experienced by those areas which represent the political and cultural face of the country. " The member of the national coalition, "who looks to the allocations in the budget feel that what has been allocated to her almost non-existent, at a time when we desperately need it to find the right foundations for the appearance of Baghdad and its suburbs, and services." Shammari called the House of Representatives and the ministers to "rethink radically assignments capital districts, counties and its subsidiaries in the fiscal budget for the year 2016 in line with the political, cultural and commercial significance."

Superpowers fabricating crises in Iraq and the region
Accused MP Ali al-Badri, a super states to implement agendas in third world countries and the creation of ethnic and sectarian crises among their people in order to control Alleha.oukal al-Badri, he said "taking place in Iraq and the region and the world events moving within agendas led by major powers, which seeks to control the world according to the style of making Crisis. "He added the National Alliance member that these crises pay small countries to call in the major countries to save it from difficult circumstances, which are often beyond their control."
He said al-Badri, that "the United States follow the ways malicious to seize the money these countries and its resources through planting sectarian strife and ethnic and hit the interests of the people. "The member of the House of Representatives that" these methods made ​​it attractive to vulnerable countries for terrorist organizations are motivated to go to the United States and others to rid those countries of these gangs. "

Regulators in Iraq and partisan Off
Called the National Alliance MP Yasser al-Husseini to activate the supervisory role in Albulad.oukal Husseini said "regulators built on a party basis and according to the principle of quotas and that's part of the corruption that has infected those departments and disrupted their work."
He said the National Alliance MP that "there are some staff in State departments impede citizens' transactions in order to financially blackmail them to complete their transactions.
"He Husseini regretted" great for non-response of the many activating the SAI, which supports the need for people to accomplish a lot of tasks that belong to The citizen demands,
"and added that" the supervisory role is to hang in all government departments because it is far from the reality experienced by the citizens, "saying," We hope that the control device to activate its role service for the Iraqi people and alleviating their suffering. "

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