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Abadi: with Barzani discussed the process of liberalization of Sinjar, two days before its launch ... and the army participated Btiranh

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Abadi: with Barzani discussed the process of liberalization of Sinjar, two days before its launch ... and the army participated Btiranh


Baghdad / term

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said he and the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani discussed the liberalization of Sinjar, two days before the launch process, noting that the operation took place with the participation of the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army forces.
This comes in response to a press statement said that the Peshmerga forces and fighters Aesidein supported them Americans and the international coalition airline managed to edit the Sinjar district and cut funding from Syria Daash lines.

Ebadi said that "the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani called me two days ago and we discussed the importance of Sinjar because they cut off the road to supply terrorists between Mosul and tenderness, and the process of editing the Peshmerga participated in the Iraqi security system and the Iraqi army through the aviation as well as the lifting of mines and improvised explosive planted, and Sinjar freed demolished by Iraqi We must raise the Iraqi flag in it.
"and fly the flag of the Kurdistan region in Sinjar after a press conference the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, Friday and announced the liberalization of Yazidis area of
Daash., said the Kurdistan Democratic Party faction in the House of Representatives, Saturday, that the regional president Massoud Barzani, ordered the lifting of knowledge of the region in Sinjar came to prevent the lifting of the flags of political parties, not the Iraqi flag, noting that the Iraqi flag is raised on the presidency of the region and all state departments.
With regard to the situation in Tuz Khurmatu, between Abadi during a speech during a meeting with a number of civilian activists "What a rift between happening Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and any party incite fighting trying seditious because it would threaten after the rest of the provinces, and there are efforts to keep the situation.
"He continued," has reached crisis cell to Tuz Khurmatu, but some pay in order to gain votes and we are working in order to stop the bloodshed and heading guns toward Daash .
"In the context of the last follow-Abadi said the" three authorities do not each one works in isolation from the other and there is an overlap in their work and it was in the past there wrestled with each other and we tried to achieve homogeneity and harmony between the executive and legislative branches and succeeded during the last term, but there are those who do not like him that. " he said, adding "We can not work without the cooperation of the political blocs with us."
Furthermore, the Iraqi Kurdish forces began removing explosives after day to regain control of the city of Sinjar, from the hand of Daash which occupied more than a year.
It is incumbent upon forces to remove these packages before to allow the residents of this city of the Yazidi minority, which faced a brutal campaign of the extremist organization, which has killed, raped and the captivity of its women, to return and rebuild their lives Mojadda.oukal Suleiman Said a member of the force Kurdish demining to AFP that "so far has been the dismantling of 45 roadside bomb and a car bomb in the city." He added that "the spread of explosives in homes broadly, have found the twenty tons of explosive materials in one of the houses, in addition to finding booby-trapping the lab and discovered twenty barrels of explosives in their last home." In turn, said Lt. Col. Steve Warren, a spokesman for the International Alliance Against organizing Daash at a press conference, "now has control of Sinjar or edited, and other page is back and cleaned of mine."
He added that "This process may take some time, possibly up to a week or ten days, and it depends on the complexity of minefields and obstacles left the organization behind it.
"For his part, Security Council Kurdistan province said in a statement that the teams will work to remove mines heavily cultivated areas, at a time when the Peshmerga forces will continue to strengthen their defense." But IEDs are not the only obstacle facing the return of displaced persons, where many of the houses and shops have been destroyed during the battles.
And began to edit Sinjar process out of the hands Daash Thursday morning, led by the Peshmerga forces and fighters Aesidein and the support of the flight the international coalition.
And able troops to impose control on Highway 47 one of the main roads linking Syria to Iraq, and used by the organization Daash for the supply of fighters and the transfer of Raqqa to Mosul.
seized regulation at Sinjar in August 2014 and has committed atrocities against the Yazidi minority, which lives in the region.
The form of organization attack against the Yazidis in the summer 2014 One of the stated reasons for the start of a campaign of air strikes against the US in Iraq, which later expanded to include positions in Syria within the coalition of Western and Arab nations.
The United Nations has considered that the attack on the Yazidis as "genocide". He said the Holocaust Museum in Washington on Thursday for his part that the Yazidi community was the victim of "genocide" committed by the organization Daash, according to a report based on the evidence gathered in the north of Iraq.

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