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Mayor Tuz: 20 billion dinars, the size of the recent violence losses

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Mayor Tuz: 20 billion dinars, the size of the recent violence losses


Salah al-Din / long-Presse

Qaimmqamah accused Tuz, yesterday, "hidden IDEA" of trying to provoke "sedition" between the judiciary components, east of Salah al-Din in general, and Kurds and Turkmen Shiites in particular, about the whole leads to the loss. And he stressed the importance of a truce between all parties concerned being "the only option", claim the federal government need to exchange "immediate compensation" to those affected and to consider all of the dead as martyrs.
The waterfall Abdoul, mayor of Tuz in an interview to the (long-Presse), if there IDEA hidden sought to stir up sedition among the people of the judiciary in general and Turkmen Shiites and Kurds in particular, especially the allies of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Badr Organization ", usually that" Tuz components are all losing as a result of events Last unfortunate.
"and saw the mayor of Tuz that" what happened is a big challenge and a tough test of peaceful coexistence in Tuz, "and expressed" full confidence that the truce is the only option for the parties concerned.
"Abdul added that the" crisis cell which visited Tuz Saturday, included Coordinator General Torhan Mufti, and the House of Representatives Arshad Salhi and Xuan Daoudi and Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, as well as the Presidential Advisor Khalid Shwani, security and leaders, listened to the views of everyone, and supported a truce between the leaders of the Peshmerga and the administration of justice and the board and the leadership of the popular crowd agreement.
"He pointed Alqaimmqam that" the most prominent recommendations carried by the delegation to the federal government, include consideration of all of the killing of a martyr, and exchange quick compensation outside the contexts routine, it may reach 20 billion dinars, to compensate those affected, to the presence of 200 house burnt or destroyed or stolen, and more than 200 shops burning or destroyed or stolen, as well as 16 dead and more than 55 injured and nearly 90 detained or missing ".
Abdoul He continued that" the judiciary is still witnessing abuses and breaches of security and the attack on the houses, although the situation is better than the previous days, "returned to" just sit concerned parties all together, and running joint patrols of the Peshmerga, the police and the crowd Turkmen and security of the Kurdish, is a remarkable success.
"said Alqaimmqam, that" the agreement entered into force must be strengthened and re atmosphere of confidence between the parties concerned, "stressing" the keenness of the Kurds and Turkmen to restore an atmosphere of trust and support security and stability between components Tuz.
"Abdul said that" the agreement for the formation of a joint force of the people of Tuz, and joint patrols under the supervision of the competent committees, and the release of detainees who number around 90 detainees, from both parties, all of us unconditionally, and the search for the missing and to bring the perpetrators to justice and to form a committee to take stock of the damage and compensate those affected, "Msttrda that" the agreement the result of the efforts of the truce by everyone and was keen to establish security and stability.
"He praised, Mayor Tuz, to" the role of the Kurdish leadership and religious reference and the three presidencies and support for the return of stability to eliminate, "revealing" near the visit of a delegation representing the presidents, ministers and Parliament to Tuz to strengthen the truce and support the people of the judiciary and its management and its board "agreement.
He added that" the road to Baghdad - Kirkuk through Tuz, became impassable after re-opened, "stressing that" everyone in Tuz seeks to stability, security and overcome the crisis. " .
In the meantime, the Iraqi National Alliance, yesterday called for an immediate and urgent investigation into the events in Tuz spend in Salahuddin province, as demanded adoption of the approach of the national dialogue to contain the current events in the judiciary, he stressed that any attempt to ignite sedition in the judiciary serve the organization Daash.
The Iraqi National Alliance, in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "in light of developments of the unfortunate events in the elimination of safe Tuz confirms the Iraqi National Alliance, the importance of giving priority to mind the language and adopt the approach of the national dialogue to contain the ongoing elimination of the events away from the escalation and tension.
"The statement added that" our fight against al-Daash terrorist should lead us to greater unity, and assemble bypassing nationalist fanaticism, and sectarianism row battle is the battle of the nation and must be soldiers all sons of the nation ", noting that" any attempt to ignite sedition and targeting innocent people in This judiciary serve the objectives of the organization Daash terrorist and his project.
"He called the National Alliance, according to the statement," an immediate and urgent investigation into these incidents and bring the perpetrators of them to justice, "stressing" not to allow such acts condemned acting against the unity of our people in their fight against terrorism and save the lives of civilians and their property in the judiciary as well as public property. "

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