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A spokesman for al-Abadi: new measures include Trchiqa ministerial and financially and repair past mistakes

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A spokesman for al-Abadi: new measures include Trchiqa ministerial and financially and repair past mistakes


Hints at the prime minister Haider al-Abadi days ago to launch a new package of reforms will focus on reducing its last government administrative positions and the pressure of the biggest expenses, according to a government spokesman.
In the meantime, the Egged partners to Ebadi, the feasibility of the introduction of new list of reforms after the prime minister failed to secure a majority of the House of Representatives to pass the previous packages.
And find other political forces such as the Kurds that the prime minister will not venture again introduced reforms, and will work on dialogue and gain supporters for the implementation of previous decisions . Sunni parties in turn require modification of Abadi previous procedures to get closer to the angry street instead of talking about new reforms. He acknowledged the House of Representatives, last August, the first unanimous reforms made ​​by the Prime Minister package. And the decline of Parliament, beginning this November, for "mandate" granted by the government, after the issuance decisions considered contrary to the Constitution and exceeded the legislative authority tasks.
Reforms to overcome the
crisis, says Saad al-Sabri, a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office that "the reforms will not stop may include in the coming days a new government Trchiqa and reduce the slack in the system administrative system as well as the rationalization of expenditures." He newborn in contact with the (range) that "the committees set up by al-Abadi to study the development of ministries and government institutions may monitor mistakes and will be a base for launching new reforms to be changed.
He said a spokesman for the prime minister's office, saying that" the government will not back down all the conditions for the reforms announced by, because they The only proper way to overcome the financial and security crises experienced by the country. "The publication of the Prime Minister the end of last week, the official account in Twitter and Facebook, tables package first reform, along with government orders issued for its implementation. The table shows the issuance of five directives by the Prime Minister, in 27 last August, concerning the reduction and restructuring of the protections of officials. He also revealed an order my book on August 13 to abolish the posts of Vice-President, as well as other decisions issued an official books concerning the control of ministries and the elimination of some positions, and tackle tax evasion, and solving the problem of electricity. The attention of Saad al-Hadithi that "show these tables as a message to the public that the government did not hesitate to implement reforms," ​​stressing that "all aspects of the state are subject to re-evaluation, not far from the reform."
criticizes the National Alliance, the prime minister for not consulted in sensitive positions appointments. Abadi also raised the anger of the crowd in the popular pavilion Parliament recently after reduce the number of volunteers in the budget and the reduction of their salaries.
Consultations before changes
but disagreed MP Habib Terminal, a member of the block, a prominent citizen Abadi partners, with the imminent launch of new Prime Minister reforms. He says, "In the end, these measures will come to parliament and we'll see what bearing."
He said in his speech for Terminal (range), that "the introduction of new reforms requires a high coordination between the announced reforms are carried out and gives it a law." In reference to open dialogue between the government and the political blocs that will vote to pass it in the House of Representatives.
The citizen member bloc confirms that "the investment Abadi positive atmosphere now between the political forces and open a broad dialogue to get support." The news leaked out last week about efforts made ​​by Prime Minister al-Abadi for the formation of a broad front from traditional allies to pass his reforms, and being able to put out the escalation that faced from different political parties.
Despite the ambiguity motionless Prime Minister details, but he contributed greatly to the decline in criticism of the language against the prime minister.
Previous support reforms
in turn, says MP Ala Talabani, head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc in the parliament, "I do not think Abadi will present new reforms," ​​but suggested that "the Prime Minister looking for support now." Draws Talabani, told the (range), that "the prime minister clashed with the street, which was not satisfied with the reforms that did not give him one service projects." And confirms head of the Kurdistan National Bloc that "front-Abadi great difficulties will face in the coming period due to lack of revenue in the budget of 2016 and not to bring corrupt accountable, and who promised to bring them to justice."
Reveals Talabani expressed "extreme displeasure of Shiite parties for actions Abadi sharp criticism from year to head the government because of what they saw as a lack of interest and support to displaced people, "pointing out that" This is a priority for the coalition forces who interviews Abadi on the set requirements, notably the issue of fugitives from Daash.
"On the other hand says President Talabani Party that" the Kurds also do not know their position in the government. still oil issues and the salaries of the Peshmerga and the disputed areas is outstanding.
"suggest Kurdish MP that" al-Abadi will go to get the support wider to pass the previous reforms and that he would not submit a new.
"and move the Prime Minister to convene a meeting rarely with the outskirts of the Sunni alliance on the same day of the parliamentary vote to uphold the legislative Beslahaath and after the increase differences within the Dawa Party. This meeting was followed by a surprise visit to Najaf-Abadi, last week, where he met with religious references with the exception of al-Sistani.
Currency smuggling You
say MP Mohammad al-Karbouli, the leader of the coalition forces, that "the government is under great pressure to achieve reforms affect the lives of citizens."
Refers Karbouli, in an interview for the (long), that "reforms Abadi previous accused as austerity and not a radical," "We are today to prove the contrary a new package of measures."
The attention of the head of the solution to that, "the Prime Minister in front of an open and ready corrupted files such as smuggling millions of dollars that revealed (range) across documents of the late Ahmad Chalabi."
He stressed Karbouli that "this file is the elimination of religious authority, Parliament and the institution (range), and detection will bring to Ebadi quantum leap in the way of reforms.
"finds Member Forces Union, which dialogue mass of head of government to enter into a broad front, that" the Prime Minister by an amendment to the previous reforms to make the angry public. " . It is proposed that "pushing the technocrats in the government and the combination happens between politicians and independents in the ministries to bring about a change in the state administration."

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