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The stagnation of the market despite a drop in prices of construction materials

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The stagnation of the market despite a drop in prices of construction materials

Monday, 11/16/2015 0:37

/ Follow-up / Baghdad news
basic building materials prices have fallen sharply in Iraq, attributed concerned to
"stagnation of the economy and the productive sectors related to moving the local market."
He pointed shop owners to sell these items, that this decline "did not contribute to the revitalization of reconstruction and housing sector as expected, because labor is high wages and reflected an increase in the cost of construction.
"According interested in the domestic market, that the price of a ton of cement fell from 210 thousand dinars (about $ 200) to less than 100 thousand ie by more than 100 percent, while the price per tons armature 30 to 40 percent, and is sold at a price ranging between 600 thousand and 700 thousand dinars.
She drew circles in the sector to the real estate companies "have not benefited from the decline during the last summer season, as expected, because the recession in economic activity because of the low state resources the financial result of the decline in oil prices and austerity measures in the government's security policies and extraordinary circumstances, formed factors limited the Construction and Housing activity and drive the construction of housing.
Experts noted that the decline in the price of cement greatly contributed to the decline in the volume imported from neighboring countries, particularly from Iran, which is the most prevalent in Iraq.
As expected, some extraordinary circumstance, but it takes too long, it must be of the Iraqi market recover and take the normal price range without regard for emergency influences. But they fear that the prices of these materials are recorded further decline during the winter did not hide.
He said many that the launch of government allocations for projects, residential complexes and reconstruction of roads will change the situation, because the construction sector is vital to revitalize many sectors, including crafts and skills.
He explained specialists to review the prices of construction materials President, was not matched by a decline in property prices, especially that sales experiencing a recession because of the lack of liquidity in large segments of society.
The war against Daash dropped and the process of population displacement of many areas Zlalhma on overall economic activity, which led to the decline is evident in the price.
This requires the launch of a package of measures to ensure that reforms address the imbalance in the market, as a large part of those concerned is suffering from the repercussions of these sectors.

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