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Obama urges Russia and Denmark beat daash respond

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Obama urges Russia and Denmark beat daash respond

Monday 16-11-2015 | 1:45:23

Twilight news, us President Barack Obama pledged to intensify efforts to eliminate State regulation of Muslim Syria and prevent further attacks like those that occurred in Paris, also urged his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to concentrate on fighting the hard-line organization in Syria.
And a White House official said that Obama and Putin agreed during the meeting lasted 35 minutes on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Turkey on the need for political transition in Syria, saying the events in Paris made it all the more urgent.
Obama engaged in a two-day summit with international leaders just 500 km from Syria where he converted the continuing war there since four and a half years organizing the Islamic State into a global security risk and caused the largest wave of emigration to Europe since the second world war.
Obama described the Paris attacks that killed 132 people and proclaimed Islamic State claimed that it was an attack on the civilized world and said that the United States will work with France to prosecute those responsible.
Obama said "the sky is all destroyed in black because of the horrific attacks in Paris by day and a half."
He was quoted as saying "we will redouble our efforts and work with the other members of the Coalition for peaceful transition in Syria and to eliminate daash (Islamic State) as a force that can cause so much pain and suffering to people in Paris, Ankara and other regions of the world."
And complicated u.s.-led efforts to battle Islamic State when Russia joined the conflict by a month and a half. Russia says the West should target primarily areas where fighters fought from foreign countries backed lion ally Moscow instead of targeting the Organization of the Islamic State.
The United States wants Turkey and their allies the passing of Assad.
A White House official said that Obama met with Putin during a working lunch and agreed on the need to transition the leadership of Syria, including talks with the mediation of the United Nations.
Russian news agencies quoted Chief Kremlin foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov as saying that Putin and Obama talked "capacitor".
Ushakov said "the strategic objectives relating to the war against the Islamic State in principle very similar (between America and Russia) but there are differences with respect to tactics."
Their meeting came to complement progress in Vienna the Foreign Ministers prepared a plan for the political process in Syria would lead to elections in two years despite continuing differences over the fate of the lion.
Rare opportunity
Paris attacks showed once again the extent of the threat posed by organized Islamic State away from its strongholds in Syria and Iraq.
And Washington already expects France to play a bigger role in the bombing campaign led by the United States against the Islamic State.
He said United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the renewed sense of the need to find a quick solution to the war in Syria after attacks Paris, adding that the world before "rare moment" and a chance to diplomacy to end the violence.
Obama seeks to convince other countries in Europe and the Middle East to take more concrete steps to show its commitment to the military. Obama met with Saudi Arabia's King Salman Ibn Abdel Aziz and discussed the need to support the moderate opposition in Syria and the Iraqi Government in the war against the Islamic State.
Obama also said that he discussed in his meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to coordinate efforts to fortify the border with Syria and used by the Islamic State to smuggle foreign fighters and supplies.
* Concerns about immigration
Develop coordinated attacks by gunmen and suicide bombers in Paris on Friday, Obama and other leaders of the largest economies in the world are under increasing pressure to find common ground.
But it was not clear whether Washington itself is willing to expand its participation after already had intensified air strikes and has committed to send small groups of special operations soldiers to northern Syria to provide advice to the opposition forces in the fight against the Islamic State.
And at least 132 people were killed in the attacks, which occurred in a Hall for concerts, restaurants, bars and sports stadium and a major challenge for Europe as leaders were quick to call for the cessation of the flow of refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.
According to a draft final statement, leaders of the group-in a diplomatic coup for Europe and Turkey--agreed that migration is a global problem that should be dealt with in a coordinated manner. The draft have not been accepted by all the participants, to be published on Monday.
Pressing Europe and Turkey and are the most affected by migration crisis the G20 to recognize that migration is a global problem and help to handle it financially despite opposition from China, India and Russia. And is expected to reach a million immigrants from the Middle East and Africa to Europe this year.
According to a separate statement to be issued later, the leaders also agreed to tighten border control and aviation security after the attacks of dismay at Paris, calling it "outrageous."
In parallel, the newspaper quoted the Foreign Minister as saying that Denmark should allow planes to Danish fighter sorties were carried out in Iraq this year, pounding Islamic State organization in Syria.
The Minister made the remarks after the coordinated attacks that took place in Paris on Friday evening killed at least 129 people.
Denmark contributed seven f-16 in 2014 in air strikes carried out by us-led coalition against the Islamic State and withdrawn in September for maintenance and provide an opportunity for the crew to rest.
Jansen said Cristian berlngskh newspaper "must restore the Danish f-16s as quickly as possible. The Government wants to return with a broader mandate allowed pounding (goals) ldaash wherever either on one side or the other of the border with Syria. "
A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, said that the decision to extend the mandate to include Syria would require parliamentary approval.

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