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The central bank responded to the criticism of the new currency - Video (translation underneath video)

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The central bank responded to the criticism of the new currency - Video (translation underneath video)


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Today joining us Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri, the CBI’s treasury director

We heard a lot of criticism about the new banknotes to say the least on technical level is that the banknote lacking the prestige of value it carry?

Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri; this banknote is specially designed to honor the waters in iraq & because this century & the next century is century of water scarcity & conflicts,

We, the CBI team want to glorify the water so we put the water resource portrait on this banknotes that painted by an iraqi global artist & not a sketch of something unprofessional.

Which landscape you are talking about Mr. Yasseri? You mean Marshland is painted by iraqi artist?

Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri: the both landscape the one in front include schematic picture of a paddle wheel of Euphrates and palm trees in the middle and a picture of one of Kurdistan's ( north) Falls & the one on the back of the paper include a graphical picture of the Iraqi Marshlands include a very beautiful reed house, a number of fishermen and a group of animals (buffaloes and birds) and a picture of a palm of Iraq with Tigris and Euphrates rivers drawing within the map of Iraq.

Would you mind to tell us who is that iraqi artist ?

Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri: Dr. Imran al-Qaisi & he is the quartermaster as an expert to the united nations & he designed number of book notes in the world.

That means you depend on Imran al-Qaisi to design the bank notes?

Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri; we ask him to provide us with some examples then we choose those two landscape & then the printing house dismantle the items abducted the hunters & some other changes....

we are not talking about the technical level that constitute the currency we are talking about the way of distribution the items such as the marshland on back of paper & water fall in front, existence of Kurdish language for the first time on Iraqi banknotes & a lot of notes

Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri: at first i want to thank you for broach the subject of Kurdish language because i heard a lot of comments regarding to this subject some of this comment from politicians, the Kurdish language is voted by the parliament in the former session in the official language act, the Article VIII first item state that the CBI should insert the Kurdish language on the banknote

Does the new edition of previous bank note 25000 & below will include the kurdish language?

Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri: any edition after law enforcement as the CBI we have to insert the Kurdish in bank notes & now we are reprinting the 500 dinar bank notes due to the scarcity of it & the new edition will contain the Kurdish language, if you saw Chinese banknotes, they contain 7 languages & this very common.

Regarding the marshlands, this is the first time that the marshland appears in the bank notes nither in this nor former regime, why put it on the back and not in front plus that the waterfall is hired in 5000 dinar bank notes, im talking about the item distribution because there is indication when it be in the front or behind.

Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri: the way we distribute the items was according to the directions the water fall in north in the top middle the paddle wheel of Euphrates and the marshlands in the south we had to put it on the back.

The water fall looks at right the same even in the 25000 there is woman in Kurdish custom?

Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri: we could put any picture of water flow but this water fall is an important landmark & firmed in every ones mind that belong to Iraq.

Personally i'm not convinced, i'm not talking about the art i'm talking about the distribution such as small things like the jar, ziggurat and the birds and so many people accuse the CBI that bank notes undegoes to quotas?

Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri; the CBI Is far away from political quotas, considering the ziggurat the former PM Maliki asked the CBI to include it into bank note which is an advance security high impact mark which consists of two image, the ziggurat of ur and number 50000 change with tilting,. Among the new features added to the regular colored strands are a 1mm colored ribbon guarantee thread for the smaller denominations and 4mm for the notes of greater value. More features are not visible to the naked eye but are seen by scanners, added al-Yasseri. Another security addition that is world-recognized is an optical feature called SPARK. Other features include raised dots to help those with vision issues. A protective film is also added to prevent deterioration due to constant exchange of the notes as they circulate to help them last up to 10 years as opposed to the usual 3 to 5.

What is point of this new banknote?

Ihsan Shamran al-Yasseri; the purpose of its issuance for the banknotes is to complete the Iraqi securities monetary structure and the development of high-value category in trading. The step will help strengthen the Iraqi dinar against other world currencies, make the currency easy to carry and circulate in banking transactions, selling and buying operations as well as in currency exchange .

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