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Iraq informed France with information on a terrorist target ..

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Iraq informed France with information on a terrorist target ..

11/16/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
revealed Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari that Iraq had told a number of Western and regional, including France states, the intentions of the terrorist gangs attack them, based on intelligence information obtained by the National Intelligence Service.
Jaafari said in remarks to reporters last Saturday evening on the sidelines his participation in the «Vienna» talks on the Syrian crisis: The «sources in the Iraqi intelligence obtained information that some countries will be targeted in particular France and America and Iran», stressing that it has been communicated those countries
to do so.
Jaafari's comments came a day after the deadliest militant attacks In France the date carried out the suicide bombers, gunmen and announced «Daash» claimed responsibility, which killed 129 civilians in the capital Paris and wounded nearly two hundred others.
Jaafari said: The «Daash spread from Syria to Iraq has warned of its extensions to other countries and we appeal to the world to take our warning into consideration », adding that« what happened in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and France, the biggest proof of that global risk ».
As emphasized, that« Terrorism is a threat to everyone and there is no room for hesitation in the face », al-Jaafari called on the international community to fight terrorism, saying in this connection: «must be the eradication of Daash in Syria not only affair Syria, but an order for the world
as a whole».
The head of the diplomatic institution, that «elements Daash in Iraq a year ago, came from more than 28 countries and now number increased to more from 001 countries, which means that the international situation is still not the seriousness required ».
And on the paragraph that make up the node in the« Vienna »and private talks the issue of the survival of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power, he replied that« the installer principle is a year and six months, and we believe that this principle may It gives the opportunity to Daash that stuck to the ground and then resort to fighting again, and this will serve Daash », noting that« must stop the shooting and the elimination of Daash then leaves the fate of the regime to
its people ».
And the task envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Syria Staffan de Mistura , al-Jaafari said: «de Mistura will work for the opposition gathering later than the fifth month of the next year, we try to cooperate with him in it», indicating that the road in front of de Mistura «difficult and could face obstacles not a few».
At the level of the official position, which was in «the capital of the light» sent Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban, a solidarity message to his French counterpart Bernard Kasanov, and assured him that «the Paris attacks make us more cooperative in the face of
He Ghabban in his message for «great solidarity and sympathy with the people and Government of France and condolences to the families of victims of terrorist attacks .. ».
saying« put all the possibilities and efforts to confront this barbarism, and full readiness to exchange information and coordinate efforts to defeat
terrorism ».
He also stressed, that these attacks« calls us to a strong partnership at the level of response to terrorist organizations that are targeting the freedoms and the presence of humanitarian », indicating that «Iraq fighting a relentless war against Daash

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