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Open electricity, trade and files of the Secretariat

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Open electricity, trade and files of the Secretariat

11/16/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Shaima Rashid
House of Representatives stressed the need to address what he called »whales corruption» which reflected the impact of their presence on the public life of the citizens and the political decision as well, with the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary confirmed it and in cooperation with the Integrity Commission began to open all the files in all ministries, especially those that marred corruption.
He said the Presidency in the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi, in his speech during the panel discussion held in Parliament on anti-corruption and accountability of the corrupt mechanism, and attended by «morning»: The «whales corrupt and corrupting made ​​the political reputation of the country and the reputation of the entities and the state and officials of the worst speaks by others », indicating that« corruption whales is that corruption affects political decision by the politicians who serve the owners of the money ». unite to reveal spoilers stressed Hamoudi on the need to unite everybody to detect these whales because they interfere with the projects and border crossings and distribution contracts and implemented according to the requirements personal interest, which is reflected in all the vocabulary of life in Iraq. The Vice President of the Parliament that there is a great Tlaqaha between whales corruption and bad handling of politicians, calling on everyone to fight anyone who tries to encroach upon the public money and threatening the country's economy, noting that the House of Representatives the day dealing in a way the question is written and oral through hosting and interrogation to achieve its oversight role. He said Hamoudi that «the second round is the responsibility of the executive power», noting that the government has to the formation of a committee decades working transparently. He Hamoudi that «the third round is the responsibility of the judiciary The judges in the resolution of these files and beaten with an iron fist for each of tempted to encroach upon the public money of the state », adding that« The fourth and important role is the role of the fourth estate (media) », indicating that« whales corruption use the media when they want to put pressure on a judge or official in order to obtain personal their goals in the acquisition of public money ». He stressed Hamoudi that the responsibility for the fight against corruption is a collective responsibility, involving the legislative, executive, judicial and media authorities, for the Liberation of public money and the Iraqi economy and the reputation of Iraq from this scourge, as liberated the security forces Salahuddin and Anbar From Conception Aldoaash Here are past the liberalization of Mosul. Follow-up corruption plans, in turn, revealed the Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Talal Zobaie, on the status of the strategy to follow up on corruption plans, some of supervisory and another field, noting that the Committee began the Ministry of Electricity and Commerce and the Municipality of Baghdad. Zobaie said «morning» : The «Integrity Committee follow a new mechanism in exposing corruption through field visits where it began the Ministry of Electricity and trade and honesty», adding that «the Integrity Commission demanded that the investigation on the ground in the Department of Defense, Interior, Finance, considering that these ministries require great efforts by the Commission to follow up and monitor situation, in order to come up with results satisfactory to the people, especially to contain large whales need urgent disclosed. Project open ministries You either head of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yassiri, has explained that «the body has an integrated project to open all ministries You», indicating that it had started the ministries of trade and electricity , declaring that the coming days will witness the transition to other ministries that are open all the files in the ministries that undergo corruption. He Yasiri in his statement »Sabah», hope that is taking the political blocs good pace through its cooperation with the Integrity Commission to open all files because it is a message of goodwill from them. The Yasiri that «the body to activate the government's reform program on combating corruption, so it will be the transition from office work to the field, which includes field work investigative, supported by a secret inspection of mobile play teams to serve and assist the public in some ports that infested with corruption, according to the complaints of citizens ».

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