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Call to find a balance between import and production

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Call to find a balance between import and production

11/16/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi,
Iraq has a large number of state-owned factories producing food, clothing and cleaning materials and mostly continuing to work, but there are experts - -hsp problems Taatari entry into the competition in the market despite the great demand, and perhaps the most prominent of those obstacles the lack or absence of outlets for sale, as well as great weakness and lack of clear in regards to marketing and delivery to the consumer public. In this context, economic researcher Maha Ahsan said thanks: The Iraqi industry was issued in what to neighboring countries as they carry exclusive privileges of international companies Her brand, as well as the quality of raw materials and raw involved in this
She added in an interview with {morning ยป Marketing factor enters and advertising directly to the ease of access to markets, noting that the national industry and has required a large audience waiting for its return to the market because it is far from the importer bad disrepair and fast expiration best. She pointed out that the price difference and the cost of production problem can be overcome by increasing the production and distribution between the agents and the delivery of production to all cities and villages across the country. She emphasized that the national industry support, including legalization of import, and this matter can give dealers time and opportunity enough to insert their goods through the declaration of a certain timing which is prevented import of certain material especially as the country is capable of producing a lot of material imported by Kalolban, food and others. It suggested that the opportunity now favorable to support the industry, especially that Iraq is undergoing requires the promotion of sectors productivity, including government industry at least until the private sector recovers and returns is the other to work effectively in the arena
Alaguetsadah.odat thanks to speed up coordination between the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Commerce, responsible for the granting of import licenses, and pinpointed what can it be produced locally and achieve self-sufficiency of these materials, as well as it would greatly contribute to providing a large part of the funds that the country needs to employ them in sectors check feasibility and invest efficiently rather than wasted on importing poor, pointing to the need to A careful studies of the market need of materials and goods for the purpose of achieving a balance between imports and national production.

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