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Dr. al-Jubouri confirms that the failure of the state and the political class in the containment of the community led to the creation of an incubator for extremism environment

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Dr. al-Jubouri confirms that the failure of the state and the political class in the containment of the community led to the creation of an incubator for extremism environment

November 15, 2015

Chaired by Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, head of the House of Representatives, on Sunday, establishment of the National Commission for the Protection of peaceful coexistence and the fight against extremism and terrorism conference hosted by the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious parliamentary choosy, and was attended by a number of deputies, clergy, researchers and academics ..

The following is the text of the call: -

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Chairman and members of the parliamentary committee of Awqaf Dear brothers

Gentlemen, Your Excellencies, Distinguished Guests

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Committee of Awqaf and diligent prosecution continued Battaha continue offering its achievements each time in a manner consistent with the requirements of reality, and in line with our need for solutions and initiatives.

Today we meet for working up one of these ideas and projects emerging Mature worth the stop and meditation, and come up with recommendations capable of generating acts, and the theory into systematic application, takes it upon himself to directly impact on the ground before it is too late and the persistence of the problem and complexity, and before you multiply losses resulting from the scourge of terrorism Vtngol rooted in our societies to necrosis of the phenomenon and the disintegration of Ooazareth, and cut ropes The last hope for the advancement of the ordeal after a decade.

Dear brothers and sisters
That talking about the eradication of terrorism is not a security accessible, nor ambitious walks verification, we are talking about a serious epidemic sticks, the result of the reasons is a dangerous and scary the other, so we need a high degree of accuracy in the diagnosis and courage in the implementation, and I mean precisely characterization to put points on the letters in the causes of terrorism and the motives and circumstances and the environment that helped Tname, as well as no justification or tolerance, but they have to initiate to explore the roots and reach them and prevent their development and feeding of branches and bumps caused by them, and when we talk about the courage of the solution, Venni here a courageous decision and the courage of the distribution of roles in the mission and the courage of the concessions required, and finally the courage of amputation in order to deliver the rest of the body from disease and disaster.

Distinguished brothers
The problem of terrorism and extremism is not the result today is not the product of phase but is a renewed phenomenon in human life, the world has seen over successive eras eras of terrorist manifestations, just as happened in multiple events of history because of the whims of an extremist led to the loss of millions of innocent lives and in ways that ugly Wendy her forehead of humanity, so it's fair proportion of terrorism to Islam in any way, and not fair as well be attributed to the category of terrorism or national may be more affected by the bloody deeds and activities.

brothers and sisters
That the most important causes of terrorism and extremism due to the environment in which man lives, and the effects that interfere in the formation of his lifestyle, or affect them, and those reasons are educational, cultural, any deviation or failure in education is the first spark from which the track deviation, and makes the individual vulnerable to delinquency, intellectual and creates a favorable climate infuse intellectual toxins to achieve terrorist goals, and those causes what is a social, such as the spread problems of family disintegration to be paid to extremism in the views, and fanaticism in ideas, but the community and makes it fertile ground for the growth of extra-human nature phenomena, can not be overlooked economic reasons, we know that many of the victims of misinformation poverty was one of the most important factors that have helped to become involved involvement in terrorism and abandon national responsibility.

Also be sure to political causes and one of the most important factors that isolate and environment incubator for extremism area if they failed the state or the political class in the containment of the community, and here should confirm that the clarity of the political approach and stability, and to work according to the frameworks specific standards, creates confidence and conviction, and builds the rules of stability the sensuous and moral society, so I think it must be to know that political solutions and performance review, one of the most important doors that must be initiated to reduce the feeding grounds of terrorism in attracting their seducer at his side.

Attendees valued
What happened from attacks in France during the past two days confirmed what we Nwcr him that terrorism does not believe in geography and that his appetite does not stop at the borders and that whoever looks to fight with him into abandoning face the full weight in sooner or later Otonh, we have said over and the whole world through Multiple leaders to our meetings, if you want to get rid of terrorism do not you turn him your backs and do not trust a lot borders or distances that Tvsalkm on the battlefield today, also said, that the best way to Tjnepkm conflict with him is to help us to eliminate it, and the day we said to everyone spokesman frank and bold and clear (us life and your arms) stood with us to stop, and extending other hand us timidly, others turned his back expecting that he is far from the range of fire of terrorism, is a mistake that proved days, its severity, and did not Waikato fire of terrorism today Vsaisalh the flames tomorrow, not as much God wishes with security and peace to all the world.

Attendees valued
The responsibility for maintaining coexistence does not stop at the institution or ministry or a particular point, it is the responsibility of starting an individual in the first place, and then runs from the family and the tribe, the school and the mosque and population unit and then formed and then reflected in the mentality of state and the media speech tolerant, beyond differentiate and incitement, hatred that results from inspection in the history of what differentiates and combines, and tear does not unite, so we today in front of the challenge of creating positive perceptions when the new generation excludes setbacks and failures and pains, and is looking for participants, and turn a blind eye on the painful emergency practices stations, which were the result of Zervha not right of re-refined in the children's memory.
Brothers Chairman and members of the parliamentary committee of Awqaf

I congratulate you your endeavor and announced I stood with you in this endeavor and the House will support this approach for the establishment of such a body, which we desperately need today in reducing terrorism, prevention and response, and tomorrow in addressing its effects that will appear after the close, and all the thanks and appreciation to all shareholders in the success of this project and to the guests of the House of Representatives Mussat and other religious institutions, civil society and international organizations to contribute to the state in tires similar programs, and to all who seek in this world to stand with Iraq in its ordeal and achieve security, peace and stability in it

Please accept all sincere respect and appreciation

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
information Office
The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives

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