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Coalition forces will not rest on good intentions and are waiting for a written response Abadi way or in the form of acts

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Coalition forces will not rest on good intentions and are waiting for a written response Abadi way or in the form of acts

15-11-2015 12:25 PM

The past two weeks and did not receive the alliance forces a response from the prime minister Haider al-Abadi on the conditions set by the exchange for the formation of a political front with the last move of government reforms.

He also called for the Sunni coalition prime minister to re-balance the official institutions and to support the displaced Sunni tribes fighting Daash, noting that he is not ready to receive answers verbal or simply good intentions.

The MP said the coalition forces, Salah al-Jubouri in a press statement, said Abadi, we were asked to attend the meeting with the leaders of the National Alliance, and we talked all transparency for reforms and objections coalition forces.

He said al-Jubouri, the call because of criticism of coalition forces against measures Abadi recent The presence represented by all parties to the coalition and all our provinces'.

He said 'the Prime Minister did not object to the themes that we talked about, because most of which was part of previous agreements, but we will not limit ourselves to good intentions, we need to implement support those intentions.

"The National Alliance has offered what he called' National paper 'last year Kkharth way to correct the mistakes of the previous government, and included several items the paper, notably the re-balance, and the formation of the National Guard, and the support of the tribes, and the abolition of the accountability and justice and the enactment of a general amnesty.

The re-Abadi, in his recent meeting with coalition forces earlier demands, and confirms the MP Salah al-Jubouri 'coalition forces still waiting for the responses of the Prime Minister, on the themes that we spoke out with him, written in a manner or in the form of deeds', pointing out that' There are no political guarantees in the implementation of these demands.

"For his part, MP Dhafer al-Ani, a spokesman for coalition forces said in a statement journalist, that 'what the participants talked him with Abadi represents the priorities of the block'.

He said al-Ani, that 'the Union of Forces will not hinder the reforms, but only if certain modifications include greater consultation with partners before taking decisions concerning the dismissal of the re-appointment of key positions, and the allocation of a broader effort and money to support displaced people and other important issues in the country, as well as young volunteers in the areas occupied by Daash care '.

The re-coalition forces to talk again about the need for balance in official institutions and get rid of the phenomenon of appointment by proxy, and demands MP Dhafer al-Ani, head of the government' to send the names of the candidates important positions to Parliament for a vote, the names of those that take into account appropriate representation of all the provinces without paying attention to the sectarian aspect. 'comes these developments with the frequency of news on the prime minister sought to launch a new package of reforms.

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