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Dry: reference appeals to send a representative to prevent sedition in Tuz

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Dry: reference appeals to send a representative to prevent sedition in Tuz


He appealed to the Deputy for the Kurdistan Coalition Member of the Committee teeth rights Sunday, the Supreme religious authority in Najaf province to send a representative to prevent sedition and put an end to the fighting between brothers and save peaceful coexistence in the district of Tuz. She said Ashwaq dry in a statement "the agency Sama Baghdad News" received a copy of it, that the supreme religious authority for our return to the arbitration of reason and logic and ward off the temptation over the previous years in its intervention pivotal issues and giving priority to mind the language of the language of weapons between the brothers and the door of bloodshed. She appealed to intervene as soon as possible to send a representative to spend Tuz to save lives and stop the bloodshed. "He indicated dry to, that all political and party interventions will not put a solution to the crisis that broke out in the district of Tuz, so the wisdom of reference and her audio will be a definitive solution and finally to ward off strife and bloodshed and save lives and stop the fighting between brothers. " The seven members of the popular crowd and the element of Kurdish Peshmerga forces have been killed in clashes between the two sides on the main road between Baghdad and Kirkuk on Thursday zone Tuz, while the head of the security committee of the Council of the judiciary Reda Mohamed said the death toll reached 15 in addition to the 55 injured, "adding that "pirate gangs exercised arson and theft, has been burned and stolen 60 stores and more than 100 house." said Mohammed that "the two sides reached Friday, an agreement to end the fighting and restore peace to the Tuz, have signed the leaders of the crowd of Turkmenistan and the Peshmerga and the administration of justice agreement building Alqaimqamah, to interrupt Shooting across the judiciary and the formation of a joint force to prevent any security breaches, overseen by a joint committee comprising five members from each component and the formation of a joint security detachments to adjust security. "He said local administrator in Tuz" The agreement also includes, release of all detainees from both sides and calm things down and protect citizens, and the formation of committees to take stock of the damage and work to compensate those affected, and to bring the perpetrators to the courts. "The supreme religious authority has expressed its regret" for the clashes that took place in Tuz including unwarranted never, calling that "puts the wise people on both sides end her and to bring everyone shared their weapons to the enemy, they are terrorists Aldoaash "built at the same time" the victories that have been achieved at the hands of the Peshmerga forces in Sinjar. " It is noteworthy that, Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, face yesterday to form a crisis cell to contain the repercussions of the events in Tuz moving on various stakeholders to contribute to the development of quick solutions to extinguish the strife and go there immediately

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