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Jubouri: we intend to bring the views of everyone to the Consolidated card

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Jubouri: we intend to bring the views of everyone to the Consolidated card


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri met in his office, on Sunday, a group of deputies representing minorities in Parliament, stressing his quest to bring the views of all political parties, particularly with regard to the single card law.
A statement by the Office Jubouri agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on "The meeting discussed the developments in the political process, and the role of Parliament to overcome the points of contention regarding some laws not inconsistent with the Constitution, were also discussed a unified national card law."
He said al-Jubouri, according to the statement. " The rights of religious minorities and protection in Iraq is the duty of legislative imposes on everyone embarking on the development of legal regulations based on the Constitution, stressing "should not be discrimination among citizens on the basis of religion, sect, cult", announcing his quest to bring the views of all political parties, particularly with regard to Law consolidated the card to guarantee the rights of all.
"The statement that" the House of Representatives expressed their part expressed their gratitude for the role of Speaker of the Parliament in the rights of minorities and all the Iraqi people support and contribution to the active legislation of laws that maintain the unity of the social fabric.
"It is said that the representatives of the religious minorities declared Earlier their intention to file a complaint with the Federal Court against a unified national law of the card.
The House of Representatives voted a majority in 27 of last October, the approval of the national card law Almouhdh.uallq minority deputies in the 31 of October, to attend parliamentary sessions in protest at law legislation, particularly in the registration of the child of a minor religion of parents, mind {discrimination and coercion to faith}.
The detection head of the list Mesopotamia actress Christian component MP Kanna for efforts to resolve the dispute on article 26 of the freedom of religions, national card law.
He said we were "there are efforts to address Article 26 of the national card law with the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, "adding that" a lot of heads of blocs understand our demand modified so you may go to be urgently addressed, "ruling that" things up to the challenge in the article to the Federal Court stage ",
and Article 26 of the card law National Standard - which is approved by the House of Representatives in 27 of the month last month, The Ministry of the Interior by issuing, that {a non-Muslim may switch his religion and according to the law, and follows the boys minors in religion embraced the Islamic religion of the parents, "as stipulated in" Switch religion and switch abstract name Coupled with the debt swap in court personal material is not subject in this case for publication ".anthy

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