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"Paris pave the way for a wave of short sale" to global markets attacks

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"Paris pave the way for a wave of short sale" to global markets attacks


(Independent) ... preparing for a wave of global markets and short-term sale, on Monday, after it launched a "Daash" coordinated attacks in various places in Paris that killed 129 people, but analysts have ruled out the consequences of an economic or a long-term reaction in the market.

It was announced by French President, Francois Hollande, a state of emergency and ordered the police and army to take to the streets, he described the attacks as acts of war by Daash, declaring official mourning for three days.

The attacks sparked a wave of international condemnation and strong support from the various peoples of the world to the people of Paris, but Shane Oliver, chief economist at Kabenal Australian in Sydney is likely to have any impact on the investment decisions of just reacting viewer.

Oliver said it is also in charge of the strategy in the wealth management fund size of 156 billion Australian dollars, the equivalent of $ 111 billion, over time we will know if the consequences are limited, and I think it will also market will recover quickly and turns attention to other things. "

The news of the attacks came after the close of markets on Friday, but trading futures on the S & P 500 was still going to fall one percent amid weak trading volumes.

Forums and said Kino, chief technical analyst at Daiwa Securities in Tokyo "if there (the attacks) during trading hours on the market was likely to dismay occur, but before the weekend markets to absorb all the information."

With the closure of Wall Street on the landing than 1% after weak US retail data was expected landing stock markets in Europe even without the Paris attacks.

It is likely that the French stock being particularly vulnerable to huge losses to the largest tourism sector.

France receives the largest number of tourists between the countries of the world, and the sector accounts for about 7.5% of gross domestic our per-.

Said Hidenora Ciozawa, financial analyst at Nikko Securities "because the size of the tourism sector in France, a large economy may suffer a bit if the incidents have led to the decline in the number of visitors, but tourism in general after the Russian plane crash."

"I do not expect that extends affects impact of the Federal Reserve's decision on monetary policy at this moment."

She Euronext shares and derivatives on Saturday that the French financial markets will be open as normal.

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