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The end of secular Turkey

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1 The end of secular Turkey on Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:33 am


The end of secular Turkey


He wrote Salim Hameed picked up the Turkish media image of Turkish President Erdogan on his stereo table slogan terrorist Brotherhood, which was dissolved organized cluster in Egypt and in many countries, and it seems that Erdogan wants to draw through the adoption of a Brotherhood slogans to thank the extremist group, which celebrated his party's victory in Turkish elections more than a Turkish street itself.

The news that followed the victory of Erdogan's party, their titles refers to the accelerated pace of the Turkish system, the procedures for the destruction of the foundations and the laws of the secular style of life which is known by Turkey, which came of age after that which was described in the history books patient man. Here is Erdogan and his movement wanted to restore the Ottoman Empire introduced Anatolia for a period of time in the aging does not wish the Turkish open society to return to its past.

In any case, it seems that the actions of Erdogan and his group says implicitly that we are witnessing the end of Turkey's secular open, where embarked on 'Justice and Development Party's new reign strange behavior by the boss, which prevent Turkish newspapers from covering the participation of Erdogan in the Group of Twenty summit, while the remains of members of the organization continued International Brotherhood residing in Turkey to encourage Erdogan, urging him to support the organization.

Turkey has seen it seems the launch of a comprehensive clash with the Turkish secular Street stage, meaning that the Turks are embarking on radical shifts regime seeks from which to undermine the secular nature and the bases of the Republic of Ataturk, due to the adoption of Erdogan and his party to walk in the way of support for extremist groups, has become a turn to consider Turkey as if they Porte during the reign of the Ottoman sultans.

Signs of the political clash between secularists and Erdogan's party has already begun with the repeated rise of the supporters of the Islamization of Turkey and exploitation of street fears of economic crises, with embarked Erdogan following the victory of his party by talking about the use of the parliamentary majority to change the constitution, in order to convert the system in Turkey from a parliamentary to a presidential, in order to complete the ambitious leadership Ottoman successor wearing a tie.

What is happening in Turkey confirms the fears of the secular opposition leaders who declare that secular Turkey as we know it has become on its way to the disappearance of systematic, as opposed to the emergence of other Turkey paid Erdogan and his party back on the political and democratic level, because the legislation of the powers of the presidential tailored to the aspirations of Erdogan is a dictatorship Islamist considers itself on the right is based on divine right.

The Arabs have the experience of the Republic of Tunisia which has achieved since independence quantum leaps on women's rights front, that Ennahda Brotherhood took advantage of the alleged Spring events and returned, along with Salafist groups created in the Tunisian street damage included tourism, economy and public freedoms, leading up to the assassination of crimes affected the opponents from the first row in Tunisian elite.

While the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt, failed a resounding failure in its own resettlement policy as a group within Egyptian society and that getting an opportunity to enable even embarked on an alliance with the most notorious terrorist groups, and launched their symbols and their leaders from prison, and those still extremist currents supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and weeping with them on what it considers legitimate dying!

Returning to Turkey and ready Erdogan to reap the fruits of winning the early elections, it appeared to be cheering for the event from outside Turkey belong to stream Almtoslim Brotherhood, who opened them Turkey bosom, despite knowing they are moving hatred through terrorist arms to threaten the security and stability in Egypt.

It is in favor of Erdogan and his party moves outside of Turkey reveal that the project of political Islam makes his supporters failed to cling to any hope whatsoever liar. But Turkey's current system to stop courtesy Brotherhood and Tnoamanm emotionally, because the insistence on hosting the Istanbul codes terrorist movements, suggests that the future approach to Erdogan and his party and his group on the way to remove the civil crust Party for Justice and Development, to the identification and compliance with the ideas and trends of terrorist groups. As far as the speed of the decline in this way as far as Erdogan will write the end of the turbulent political project.

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