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Russia: continuing to fight «Daash» until the end of the day

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Russia: continuing to fight «Daash» until the end of the day


11/15/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Al-Sabah
stressed and defense committee parliamentary security on the necessity of continuing Iraqi-Russian cooperation in the security and military fields, while the Russian Duma stressed move his country in the fight Daash without regard to the positions of the opposition states.
This came during a visit by a delegation from the committee and the defense of parliamentary security, to Russia, and its with the Russian Duma, to discuss the need for cooperation with Russia's security, military and lifting the arms embargo for third world countries.
The committee member said Qassim al-Araji, in a statement received «morning», a copy of it: The «Russia confirmed its continued fighter Daash and support Iraq and Syria.
As noted Committee member Adnan al-Asadi said his committee called on the Russian side to help Iraq in other files as IDPs and file the advancement of the Iraqi situation in all areas and address the effects of humanitarian disasters caused by the Daash gangs in Mosul and areas that were subject to his control after it is fully edited, as well as supporting and arming institutions security in Iraq, such as the army and popular crowd.
For his part, the Russian side stressed that Russia's past with the help of Syria does not pay much attention to the positions of the opposition countries and will continue until the end, because the war on Daash is for the sake and the security of Russian territory.
The agent said the Russian Foreign Minister Mikhail Eonidovic Bogdanov, during The meeting, that Moscow has a clear view of the fight against terrorism, stressing the need to broaden participation in the four-party alliance.
He explained that «the presence of Russian troops in Syria came a formal request by Syria to intervene, especially after that we noticed throughout the year and a half the futility of the US air strikes in Syria, The intervention was our strikes poignant and painful to Daash ».
and on the exchange of intelligence information in the Baghdad Chamber (consisting quartet of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria), Bogdanov: The« said our doors open to the entry of any other country to these coordinating room ».
He said« We Russians do not differentiate between terrorism on the basis of a moderate or extremist terrorism. In the end, terrorism is terrorism, and we have a strategy and fully convinced of the necessity to have intervened in any State of the decision of the Security Council or the formal request of the legitimate government of that State ».

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