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Center and the region heading to the settlement agreement on oil

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Center and the region heading to the settlement agreement on oil

11/15/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai
said the beginning of a government source, the continuation of consultations between the governments of the center and the province, the center of a common desire to resolve differences on the recent oil agreement between the parties, and the resulting stop provincial government delivery of oil imports sale of the center since last June, as well as seeking to settle disagreements technical and financial related to obsolete calculated the share of the province.
The senior government source said in an interview »Sabah» stuck to the Governments of center and the region to the implementation of the oil agreement and the continuation of negotiations and dialogue to resolve differences, noting that resorting to the language of the understandings and consultation, is the best solution to reach an agreement on the settlement of technical problems related to the oil quantities Source, the mechanism of export and the cost of international oil companies which cooperate with the region and the issue of salaries.
clear source, that «the relationship between the center and the region has been tense in recent times because of the latter's commitment to implementing the terms of the oil agreement and raise production without mentioning the quantities to be exported to Turkey, as well as differences that relate to technical matters and entitlements of companies that deal with the region «.
As the source said, that the government embarked on the development of measures and policies are consistent with the current stage to face the repercussions of the continuing decline in the sale price of oil globally, as well as hold them consultations with the province to resolve differences over the oil agreement, pointing out that the two sides eternally their cooperation on the commitment to implement the agreement on the export of oil, and resolve any problematic across understandings.
According to leaks obtained by «morning» the province set up a fund for oil imports in Turkey, under the auspices of the United Nations without the central government Aoaalamha approval, a step resulting from fears repercussions of the financial and economic crisis experienced by the country and the region.
The source »that the oil agreement in force is that there is a divergence of views on a mechanism of export and some technical matters related to the cost of the oil pipeline, which was created by the province and the mechanism of export and cooperation with international companies through participation and questions about How cost and costing a complex accounts
«The oil agreement between the center and the region provided for the latter to export 550 000 barrels of oil per day, where the provincial government succeeded in reaching to the ceiling.
Observers believe that the major security and financial challenges faced by the country require a concerted effort to defeat terrorism The agreement is still in force and there are ongoing consultations to reach an agreement on the dilemmas resulting from it.

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