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And the protection of secure Baghdad International Airport

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And the protection of secure Baghdad International Airport


11/15/2015 0:00

Baghdad Batoul al-Hassani
studied by representatives of the General Establishment of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport with two contentious security Bratanitin ensure the protection of the Baghdad International Airport plans, while six air bridges received under a contract with a local Spanish two companies.
A media source at the plant said in a statement «morning»: The ad hoc committee mandated by the airport director and membership director of security and the safety of aviation and contracts in the civil aviation met my company (G4S) and (Near East) into British, which Tkdmta offers their services after the announcement established a tender in this regard, pointing out that he has at the meeting Study Offers the two companies in terms of high security specifications and requirements of the labor conditions in the country. He said he is currently conducting a study presentations based on the terms and conditions of the foundations have been developed by specialists in aviation security, which must be matched with the safety requirements set by the World Aviation Organization (ICAO), noting that the Transport Minister Bayan Jabr face the necessity of the extraordinary interest in the security of the airport and provide him with the latest equipment and surveillance cameras. Furthermore, among the six air bridges and arrived at the Baghdad airport will be allocated to the lounge (Babylon) under a contract between the Civil Aviation local and two companies and other Spanish and competent manufactures bridges, pointing out that the Director of Civil Aviation Samer Kubba stressed the importance of adhering to the directives of the Minister of Transport with the need to the completion of strategic projects at the airport, especially the development of the labor halls and the completion of essential attachments. He explained that the air bridges are loop carrier between the hall and the plane will add aesthetic dye in the form of galleries Baghdad airport, noting that these bridges has advanced specifications and international origins have been adopted in most of the airports, which is to improve the work of the airport. He noted that the directive also included the rapid completion of two showrooms Samarra completed engineering works will be completed in the Hall of Karbala during the next three months after the arrival of the percentage of completion to 75 percent. He also pointed out that, as a result of the current financial situation, the ministry has circles to make a donation arrived about seven billion dinars for Asktmal business hall to give a new addition at the airport work the fact that this hall will be allocated to receive visitors and Hajj and Umrah holy sites, as well as the replacement of old air bridges in the Hall of Nineveh. The Minister of Transport had attended the ongoing talks between Iraqi Airways and the American company Boeing aircraft. A statement issued by the ministry received «morning» copy of it, that «for the first time, Boeing is preparing to discuss the Iraq technical its team to update contracts signed with public company in 2008 for the processing of Iraqi Airways planes, as it will change the aircraft engines of the modern which will provide 15 percent Type fuel consumption. The statement emphasized that the coming years will see the supply of advanced Boeing in terms of size and modern designs, in addition to talking about lower prices due to the global financial crisis, after the company agreed to do so. Al-Zubaidi and called for taking into consideration the development in the aircraft industry and aircraft engines must be environmentally friendly without side effe

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