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NATO mercenary

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NATO mercenary


In the pages of military history, it seems that the work of any of the mercenaries fighting on behalf of another in exchange for a financial allowance is one of the oldest professions in history. On the walls of the temple of Abu Simbel, preserved the writings of the ancient in Greek bushy mercenaries Greeks, Aktriham pharaoh, they are going to fight in Ethiopia. But that the word 'mercenaries' in Western languages ​​comes from a Latin root meaning' salary 'or' income ',' and the term freelancer , which indicates today from rents skills to employers multiple does not adhere to an established post, he appeared in the English language to describe the infantry soldiers mercenaries spear bearers in medieval Europe). While the Roman Imperial Army became the problem of the peoples of the various no longer limited to the natives, and turned Service Military of 'national duty' to what looks like a job lead against the salary and benefits, was the advice of the Emperor Septimus Severus to his successor on his deathbed 'Stay united, Mark your soldiers the wealthy, and despised the rest'. However, the study by the American officer from the tradition of mercenary show that reliance the armies of wage earners has its limits and mired with intuitive problems, most notably that the mercenary will not die for you, which is fighting against the salary will no longer have value if it spent in the battle, which is also fighting for your account paid, can turn against you in exchange for higher pay. For these reasons, the the armies of the ancient world careful not to employ mercenaries in key locations determine the fate of the battle, or simply Bhzarethm in specialized units. State Kqirtajh, most armies of mercenaries was the small number of its citizens and commercial nature, keen on their choice of multiple nationalities so as not to have any of them offset the impact in the military (however, was of the reasons for the defeat of Hanabiel blow in 'obliged' to the front plan, composed of mercenaries of more than four nationalities, turned against him under the Roman army pressure). There is no need to say that this profession, its importance in the war, was given contemptuously leaders and the public, as it is actually turning a noble fighting and redemption and killing for a cause to work performed for a fee. In his study from 1973, the US military Theodore Kircao tells that Alexander was particularly harsh with the Greeks who conducted their swords Persian enemy Darius, were not spared from the slaughter of them, after one of the battles, but two thousand mercenary out of twenty thousand. In Yemen today, the only element that combines groups and different nationalities and races that are fighting in the ranks of the Saudi alliance, and had to be invaded, is a mercenary. To the right, the mercenary interest and opportunism remain argument fittest logical and more, to support the so NATO and walk in passengers, from the speech of those who try to turn this war into the 'issue', or drop the dimensions of 'nationalism' and sectarian aggression. This is expected from the axis of behavior has become a decree clearly celebrations and'antsarath 'are killed in the bombing of civilians in Beirut, or mass executions in Syria, or the siege of starving people of Yemen (while his opponents are celebrating decisively strategy battles in Damascus and Aleppo, Tikrit and historical difference here). This axis dragged elite to celebrate the American war Arabia against the poorest Arabs, in search of a victory at the expense of the country and its people, Vantzerthm humiliating defeat. Military sense pure, given the possibilities and capabilities difference, it was assumed that Saudi Arabia war be easy and short campaign, which runs through the Saudi army Jars Yemen borders from the north, and cut tens of kilometers and occupies Saada, then complement to Sanaa. But what is happening is that Yemenis walk in Saudi cities, the border of the three axes at least, and they get inside the kingdom, while the Emirati troops have begun to withdraw from the country, having tasted a thing of the war for the first time since the founding of their country (and in recent days, the United Arab Emirates officer was killed inside Saudi territory, in addition to the first victims of Qatar in the battle). Soldiers Emiratis Almerthlon replacing them units brought in from Sudan and other African countries, in addition to mercenary groups in Colombia and elsewhere, There has already become a nearly 2,000-strong brigade of needy Sudanese rulers who were sent to the furnace return for this' economic bribe not to exceed $ 2.7 billion, and is said to be the final number will exceed ten thousand. Since the early days of their arrival, the Sudanese lost 16 soldiers and dozens wounded (according to an article to Olga Aimiric), has a number of others were killed in Taiz yesterday, while the Yemeni army forces and'onsar God 'advanced to the sites overlooking the main military base, in Anad province of Lahij. resort to mercenary units means, simply, that the Gulf do not trust Balimnyen who are fighting on their side, and do not consider that they will make up days fighting force depends on it. It has a doubt nature mercenary for this war, it only has to review the 'shipments soldiers' who had arrived to fight in Yemen recently, and among them, in addition to the Sudanese, units of Eritrea and Senegal 'order, Senegal became part of the storm packages, and soldiers are fighting for the' legitimate restoration 'in Yemen. "In another example, which is historically a common sight among those fighting wage, the units of the Popular Resistance in Aden rebellion and tried to storm the presidential palace, and crashed into a Balamaratien and the Republican Guard, because salaries have not acted. the base issue is that the war in Yemen is not deducted from the air , and raids do not work, but to destroy the infrastructure and to punish the people (if they were able to achieve the results of the military, to enable the Saudi Aviation least the expulsion of 'Ansar Allah' from the national territory). War decides determination and the will and the hands on the trigger. You have, in part, collection of the invaders do not want to sacrifice, and the armies of the rent, and clients, local of spoiled elites; On the other side fighters by nature, were brought up on war and sacrifice, has movement originally on the story of the martyrdom of Hussein, character since descended Hussein Badr Eddin al-Huthi with his comrades in that the valley in 2004, they know they chose death to humiliation. This is a war settled before it begins.

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