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Parliamentary Health acknowledge the encouragement and bring investors to establish factories medicines and medical labs

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Parliamentary Health acknowledge the encouragement and bring investors to establish factories medicines and medical labs


The Commission on Health and Environment parliamentary, Sunday, seeking with the Ministry of Health to bring foreign investors to establish medical old factories and develop them, indicating that an urgent need at the moment for the establishment of these plants because of the financial crisis.
A member of the Health and Environment Committee in Parliament MP Hassan Khalati L / scales News /, that "there are encouraging investment in the health field, especially since the Ministry of Health and Environment has no intention to encourage investment in the field of the establishment of pharmaceutical plants, and medical supplies, including syringes coefficient, nutrients, and this trend going by the ministry. "
Khalati He added that the "Committee for Health and Environment parliamentary encourage investors to create a so coefficient, despite the fact that Iraq has a coefficient of medical belonging to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, especially medicine factory in the district of Samarra and laboratory syringes in the province of Babylon, but she is old and is not eligible to work and strive for the development of these plants on the one hand and also the establishment of other plants, and approached some countries to send their investors in this area. "
He pointed out that "the health minister Adila Hammoud met with Lebanese Minister of Industry to encourage investors and the creation of private factories medicines that are required medications on a daily basis", noting that "a delegation from the Committee on Health will visit Iran for drugs similar plant in order to exchange experience in this field and also encourage investors to open branches of these drugs manufactured in Iraq. "
He explained that "the pharmaceutical industry have positive repercussions great on the eradication of corruption, drugs and their prices, quality and give another impression that the country is stable and invest in encouraging, in addition to the operation of labor," stressing "the need to move in this direction in lost financial crisis experienced by the country and strayed lack of financial allocations as a result of lower oil prices. "
And cost the import of medicines from outside Iraq, the Ministry of Health (70%) of its budget, and reflected medicines which imports account for Almmakr civil and pharmacies on the shoulders of the citizen to the high cost of price prices.
Iraq has suffered from wobbling healthy position since the imposition of United Nations economic blockade on the country, and the subsequent US occupation which led to the destruction of most of the industrial plants, where Iraqis complain of weakness in the provision of health services in government hospitals, offset by a significant rise in the prices of health services in the civil private clinics and the prices of medicines from pharmacies civil, as well as many of the medical competencies migration because of the high frequency of violence against this slide. / ended 29 n / 10

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