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Mutual accusations between the House of Representatives about the events of Tuz

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Mutual accusations between the House of Representatives about the events of Tuz

Sunday 11/15/2015 0:36

Baghdad news / Haider Alamchana
observer of recent events experienced by the Kurdistan region finds that the region around the corner from the internal separation, especially after it failed all Kurdish parties to reach a way out of the crisis presidency of the province, despite holding several meetings and internal conferences's popularity Barzani in the province began to retreat was prompted even popular support as he let him in the past, these events made ​​the presidency of the province is working to find a way out her and go back to what it was the situation before the five or six months, and possibly events Tuz confirmed the speculation and accusations other to Barzani that he arranged for any external crisis Hand aims to bring the internal views for the region, which began excluding accept opponents Massoud to this idea, which they described Balarah for Health and unacceptable at all. where the excluded member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP for change Shirin satisfaction to be the cause of Tuz fabricated by the presidency of the province, said Reza said in an interview summarized by "Baghdad news" that what happened in Tuz came spontaneously "as a verb and the reaction not only," and the finger-pointing to Massoud Barzani, illogical, Reza confirmed that things are beginning to replace the legal form, especially after I went federal police forces to the region to extend the security, noting that Parliament awaits the opinion of reference of the matter and will definitely be the opinion of reference is the interval, but we hope that this issue be resolved through peaceful means legal. For his part, the former Kurdistan Alliance MP Shwan Taha said in a statement singled out the "Baghdad news" that the issue of Tuz was not planned and any talk about the interest of the Kurds fabricating this crisis is not acceptable at all, especially since the Kurds are in the same trench of the danger to the country, so it can not accept this accusation, Taha stressed waiting for the opinion of the religious authority in this regard in order to get out of the crisis to the satisfaction of all parties, accusing Some of Aferrar crowd unruly to cause this thing because they were not subjected to the law, even in Baghdad. in what was considered the head of the competencies of the Attorney Haitham al-Jubouri, what happened in the district of Tuz that proved "disregard gang" Kurdistan regional president Massoud Barzani and the "courtesy" of the Federal Government, and criticized the "shameful silence" for the Baghdad government and the Congress of Salahuddin province for "corruption and sabotage" that the right of the judiciary, and expressed surprise at the offer "congratulations for wins and fake-planned," he said in a statement seen "Baghdad News", a copy of it, that "what happened In Tuz proved disregard gang Massoud and favor the federal government and Mjammeltha on innocent civilians who Garawa Daash and maintained their city to come angels of Massoud and trample the corrupt and murderous and destructive account. "and political analyst Imad Hamidawi that what happened in the district of Tuz was not a coincidence, but it is planned from the presidency of the region in order to attract the region sons of attention and get the popular Massoud after falling during the recent period, Hamidawi In a statement to "Baghdad News" said, it was expected that this happens for a while, but he came this time specifically to coincide with the liberalization of Sinjar, considering that Peshmerga forces claimed that they are liberated judiciary which shows that the hand of the province still are instrumental in those areas. saw Tuz judiciary, armed clashes between the Peshmerga forces and the crowd Turkmen resulted in deaths and injuries did not know how many yet and causing material damage to grave many of the buildings and houses .

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