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Strengthen the capacity of the industry will require transparency

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Strengthen the capacity of the industry will require transparency

11/15/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb

that the industrial sector deterioration and the urgent need to speed up the promotion of its capabilities, productivity and competitiveness and its contribution to the diversification of the Iraqi economy and GDP, requires serious and immediate measures to support taken by the departments and teams with the capacity and the will, and to ensure the success of this initiative requires take this entire process supervision and implementation and follow-up, monitoring and evaluation by teams involving all stakeholders to manage the initiative powers and professional high (according to the expert


Amer Jeweler economic Member Baghdad forum proposed a complete electronic documentation of the process of granting loans, including geographical location of each project beneficiary and the latest communication methods with a mechanism to monitor and follow up the situation quarterly for the implementation of each project in collaboration with the beneficiaries, pointing to the importance of the visit for all projects every 6 months in order to note the actual achievement and the needs of the project of assigning extra support and to assess the checks and their economic consequences, noting that these visits can be conducted by a joint working groups representing all parties Participation in lending team or use the tip of a consultant for this purpose.

and the importance of forming all the supervisory teams, including the implementation of the lending of representatives from all parties concerned and half of them representatives of the private sector stakeholders process team, and you should not leave the task of implementing lending, however, the government apparatus to the unit.

He pointed to the possibility of the use of consultants independent of both public and private sectors are known for their integrity to evaluate the capabilities and applications for industrial and industrial companies of beneficiaries and the recommendation lending according to the approved and transparency standards high, pointing to the need for a mechanism for the process of lending used means put ruled out human handling and the adoption of an agreed and written standards to be a reference to deal with the utmost Transparency.

jeweler said, should make sure to facilitate lending terms and guarantees and make progress and be of remittances for the purchase of equipment through the banks so that the bank registered in their name until the payment and segmenting loans to enable segmentation with no guarantees overstated. Can also be a reputable adoption of industrial history and the level of partnerships that brought the borrower agents guarantor.

He pointed out that to achieve the goal of lending initiative requires the submission of all the facilities and streamlining procedures and reducing red tape to the implementation of the beneficiaries so that existing projects and new projects benefiting from loans to direct the implementation of the planned business and give them exemptions and privileges and incentives provided by the Industrial Investment Law No. (20) of 1998 and the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, as amended, including exemptions from taxes

and fees.

and the importance of giving extra discrimination in lending criteria for projects to those that enter new products and using lines the productivity of modern technology which reduce the import and that use local raw materials, which are characterized by creativity and innovation, also prefer to give special recognition and facilities standards for projects of export nature when lending, and should put in place mechanisms to arrange site visits for each project calls for benefiting from the initiative to infer the existence of the project and details and requirements of the field in accordance with the standards.

He concluded maids to say, of the importance of the subject of industrial development is the lending process is suitable for the development of the private industrial sector based on the recommendations of the industrial strategy and the strategy of development of the private sector and the Ministerial Committee competent opportunity to develop private industry decision is supposed to adopt a serious methodology to provide land for new projects and expansions confirmed in coordination with the Ministry of Municipalities and provinces and ensure the allocation and delivery Earth according to a transparent and expeditious mechanisms enhanced all approvals through a single window procedures authorized to be binding until the creation of the industrial cities systemic.

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