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New measures to support the private sector

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1 New measures to support the private sector on Sun Nov 15, 2015 2:31 am


New measures to support the private sector

11/15/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD Batoul al-Hassani

prepared the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs a package of measures and policies to support the private sector, as well as developed mechanisms to identify the competencies required for the occupations most requested and popular in the local labor market.

According to media ministry spokesman Amar Menem special permit for Ā«morningĀ», said the ministry stressed the need for legislation of new laws to regulate the local labor market, including labor law which was recently passed and the law of registration of companies and work on urged the government to implement these laws in coordination with the private sector. He pointed out that the ministry called on the concerned authorities to convert many of the activities carried out by the state or the private sector to build partnerships between the public and private sectors because of its efficiency in the last of the administration, operation, and not to involve non-profitable sectors. He said Menem said the Supreme National Committee to run, consisting of representatives of all ministries and the General Federation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Industries is seeking to find appropriate solutions to activate the role of the private sector to guide young people and create job opportunities for them by supporting income-generating projects and strategic national fund programs to alleviate poverty and community rehabilitation.

He noted the need to urge the relevant authorities of the interest in the sector, rather than contracting with foreign companies in order to create jobs for the unemployed, adding that the ministry has called for the need to find the right incentives to encourage the transfer of staff to work in the private sector to reduce the hidden unemployment in government departments, as well as directing unemployed young graduates of the adoption of the Supreme National Committee to run software to create job opportunities for them. Media spokesman for the Ministry of Labor said that his ministry has prepared a modern curriculum in coordination with specialists in the labor market by identifying the competencies required for careers the most popular and demand in the labor market and the formation of a joint committee between the Ministry of Labour and the Alastosmarlthdid the needs of the body and provide the cadres trained for the labor market, as well as the formation of work teams competent to prepare programs and professional standards as needed.

He noted that among the measures that will support this sector, is to prepare professional standards and discussed with specialists in order to remove them as the final, and the preparation of the training content of the skills of private and public, as well as capacity building of trainers methodology training and evaluation and provide training supplies and printing of training curricula, in addition to the updated curriculum in the light of variables that occur on the skills required for the job market.

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