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Corruption and red tape Orehgha citizens transactions

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Corruption and red tape Orehgha citizens transactions

11/15/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Shaima Rashid

attributed among parliamentary delayed transactions of the citizens to the spread of corruption in the state and disguised unemployment and not having enough experience by the employee circles, as well as routine ugly in a review of government departments, stressing that the growing phenomenon of delay payment reference to shed light on this matter during speech Friday.

Member of the Legal Committee MP for the rule of law Ibtisam Hilali attributed the spread of corruption in government departments in large part to deteriorating economic situation.

identified Hilali in a statement to «morning» addressing the phenomenon of corruption by choosing competencies in the higher echelons and to stay away from quotas that lead to corruption, uncertain the need to reduce Career Level in each institution in circles, delaying the work of the references and the elimination of red tape, calling for bold decisions of the prime minister and the follow-up of the Integrity Committee.

between turn a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Kurdistan Alliance MP Adel Nouri to delay transactions of the citizens is directly proportional to corruption The routine is difficult, pointing to the importance of creating a culture of belonging and integrity to find more mechanism seriousness to fight the phenomenon of corruption.

He said Nuri »Sabah»: The rampant corruption in government departments is administrative corruption and red tape and disabled citizens transactions, noting that the growing phenomenon of routine came to compel a citizen to make payments to end the transaction, confirming the presence of field visits by the relevant parliamentary committee to the departments and institutions to pursue such a case.

He added that the reference and sent her all the state institutions to speed up the completion of transactions of the citizens, attributing the decline to provide service to a lack of employee efficiency, experience and show politely responsibility, stressing on account of this type of staff and bring them to justice.

The MP from the Kurdistan Alliance that some government departments suffer disguised unemployment in large numbers and in return provide the citizen a few service, urging officials to take a stand to address these cases.

In turn, he praised the member of the Commission on Human Rights MP from the Bloc citizen Habib Terminal role of reference in setting things right through Turning to the suffering of the citizens in the review of state departments.

Terminal said in a statement »Sabah»: that there are corrupt officials, pointing out that the delay in the completion of transactions of the citizens lead to the spread of bribery as a way to completion, indicating that talk about corruption has become a year-and commonplace without referring explicitly to the spoiler.

He said there are many mechanisms that help to eliminate corruption through regulatory bodies both in government departments or public inspectors or the Integrity Commission or the Parliamentary Integrity Committee offices, returned citizen severe sergeant on the spoiler , Terminal and expressed regret for the surrender of some citizens to extort some of the staff and to bribe them.

The reference has shown during her engagement to Friday the suffering of the citizens of lack of interest by some of the staff in many government departments completion of the reviewers transactions in accordance with legal contexts, but notes that some of the staff intentionally block treatment and prolong the review.

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