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Activating the principle of «Where did you get this»?

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Activating the principle of «Where did you get this»?


Since the creation of evil tendency existed in the inside man to acquire property and positions and prestige, and here realized thinkers, philosophers, and legislators need to develop controls to curb this negative trend within most human beings, but to varying degrees, to prevent

Tyranny and exceed the property and the influence of other means and methods of various, has religion and power are the two most prominent of the means to achieve its goals, this came principle (Where did you get this?) To achieve justice and equal access to the benefits of physical, moral and privileges, an old principle as the historical evidence suggests that the princes sultans, kings, and they were being called all of a sudden one of the richest and asked about the sources of his wealth, and if it were suspicions of graft OR DID get them in ways that are unfair to punish the owner and the confiscation of his property.

But in the modern time most of the countries to have proceeded to work this principle. In America, for example, have been working to disclose financial receivables and all of enriched proved abnormally, be confiscated his money and his imprisonment for a period ranging from five to ten years, and that this deterrent sanctions is not to preserve the public money only, but your money is also the country's economy from inflation and sudden contraction, due to speculative owners of capital and tax evasion, money laundering or hard currency smuggling and many more, all of these Alsnov exist and prosperous now with great regret in Iraq, and did not find the attempts of the Integrity Commission since 2005 to provide statements of the financial interests of officials in the State of the degree of general manager and above, including members of parliament and provincial councils, ministers and heads of agencies, ambassadors and three presidencies and the owners of the military ranks from the rank of lieutenant colonel or above, and all those who see the Integrity Commission need to disclose their financial interests, to be presented during the a month of taking office, and are inferred through this form of shares and properties for the employee or members of his family and other financial sources that include four-wheel employee name and address of his work and residence and the name of his wives and the number of his children and their work and many other details. The adoption of this mechanism will help in the detection of money employees and an annual basis in addition to the fact that the measure is a temporary injunction also for the detection of potential financial corruption in government departments cases, although covered by the disclosure of financial accounts in Iraq, numbering tens of thousands, and despite the fact that Iraq comes in the centers The first rates of corruption according to Transparency International's annual reports, and despite the recognition by officials of the existence of corruption, but who have been held accountable or brought to justice because of

Corruption and graft to Aetjuzun the fingers of the hand, which is illogical and Pollack acceptable in light of confirmation of the religious authority and the intellectual elite and the demands of the demonstrators on the need to crack down on corrupt and who is Rahm.an Mr. Prime Minister, within steps reformist confirmed in August of this year need to activate the work of the principle where did you get this?

It is an important and necessary now and in the future, to be accompanied by legislation or make amendments to the Integrity Commission Act and the offices of inspectors general and the Office

Financial control, consistent and compatible with the requirements of stage and challenges, and to enable them to hunt whales corruption, which has harmed and continues to harm the economy of the country and steal its wealth.

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