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Iraq needs real reforms, not for monetary categories

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Iraq needs real reforms, not for monetary categories

November 14, 20150

By: Hassan Hamza

Iraq needs real reforms, not for monetary categories

(The scourge of evil laughs) often frequented this parable between human communities that are prey failed policies and Takbtih at once and experiencing financial crises and economic setbacks because of those policies supervised by the political leaders are not Originally from politicians really and of course the saying goes, how those leaders give something is devoid him from the ground The Government of Iraq is one of the most prominent of those opportunistic political leaders and which are not suitable to lead the helm of various private and that he sits on the throne of the multiple economic resources sources which made ​​him titles of the best countries in the finance imports until Iraq is among the most advanced List economically but once the political governments coincidence dominated until Iraq has made ​​one of the poorest countries waiting for the kindness of the world countries to provide him with assistance or financial grants to cover the deficit in the annual Moisnath which reached this case only Thanks to theft and corruption of the failed political class, especially flunkies Maliki government that squandered the largest budget of the entire world is witnessing was the basis for the cause of the deterioration of the economic situation of the country and he arrived at the brink of collapse under the government Abadi that do not have a roadmap provide for the exit of the country from sliding economic collapse even began to pursue political, economic failure over the issuance of a new category of cash raised fears and concern banking and financial community because the Iraqi economy is not eligible for the issuance of any cash currency, as well as their impact is clear on the smaller currency and even the rest of the Iraqi currency, which would cause such currency in the collapse of the Iraqi economy fully and after all this and the failure of political disarray and economic financial and government Abadi O you Iraqis demonstrators in the streets to demonstrate and freedom do we possibly hope goodness of famished stomachs satiated then ??? Do you expect a real reform and radical change of government cover up money laundering to the largest bank in the official Iraq files ?? Do you expect the reform and real change of government does not really want to get out of the mantle of her party fascist Vtguets senior symbols of corruption and return what they stole from the state treasury to fill the shortfall in Iraq's budget really but they do not want to pull Iraq back from the risks of the ghost of financial bankruptcy and economic collapse, which makes the Iraqi people before the choice is not his second is to demonstrate peacefully and sustain the momentum in the Iraqi street, through patience and fortitude even vacuuming and the expulsion of the entire corrupt political class and this called for by the protester and civil rights activist Sarkhi Hassani through his statement and under the title (of religious rule (( non-religious) to civilian rule) on 08.12.2015, saying: ((after the Magic turned against Iran charming thanks to your senses and your courage and your determination Vadeokm and myself to stand in the street and sustain the momentum of the demonstrations and keep Slmatha and directs the reformist root even vacuuming and removal of all the corruption and corrupt and ridding Iraq of all extremist groups and total freedom from the grip of turbans bad, ignorance and corruption even achieve fair and equitable civilian rule that saves the Iraqi dignity and humanity and enjoying its rewards in peace and safety and security).)

and remains on the Iraqi people to move forward towards achieving its objectives and aspirations that came out for it and this of course not achieved what the people did not come to various social classes to advocate for his fellow protesters to end the eras of tyranny and injustice and stop the bleeding theft of public money

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