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Specialized funds and their role in financing investment

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Specialized funds and their role in financing investment

11/15/2015 0:00

Dr.. Acer Yassin

and summed up investment funds the task of compiling a number of small investors who are unable to direct their investments properly and appropriately with offerings through structured work containing a different set of stocks and bonds and even precious metals.

The investment funds are not new ideas, but it is characterized by renewal and adaptation with the economic reality of the needs since the first investment fund appearance in the Netherlands in 1822 and followed by England in 1870 and stand out from the new in the United States in 1924, its concepts menu of the day for the purpose of collected funds individuals that were America need it after the First World War by investing Boston Fund, to highlight the need it again after World War II to finance the reconstruction of the Marshall program.

It can be said: The investment funds represent a way for collective investment in the financial markets, composed of stocks and bonds in their various forms, in addition to the deposit, savings certificates and treasury bills and so on, and check these boxes goals when the elements are available power and efficiency in the financial markets where it is present. It aims to collect those savings and employment in the financial markets in the form of stocks, bonds and other securities that are traded forms, in addition to investment in tradable assets, and supplier of these funds President is the savings of individuals who can not afford the formation of investment portfolios or those who do not have the ability and experience sufficient to choose the portfolio elements or management.

In the current situation that Iraq is going through at the present day, the establishment of investment funds a special priority to its role in the activation of projects and services in all the cities of Iraq, and many countries have passed the same circumstance experienced by the country, and was able to access and build a solid economy and influential in the world, and that the beginning was through the concentration of these funds to small and medium enterprises and micro, which effectively contribute to increasing the gross domestic product and to address the deficit in the balance of payments, as well as being the availability of foreign exchange by relying on local product and make tracks Ras cycle money within the country.

The small size of the savings in the Iraqi market in the present day and the difficulties faced by businessmen wishing to invest as a result of the nature of the collateral required to be provided, requires open investment funds window to provide financial pot to form an independent company for private banks institution her collect the savings of participants in which individuals, companies, institutions and invested in the Securities Commission or some kind of assets and allow the small and medium entrepreneurs to take advantage of liquidity that has been assembled and management of the National Bank in exchange for a fixed fee, and this type of investment funds are growth funds type.

The creation of such funds investment and in particular the Muslim-oriented, would ease the funding crisis available in some cases, small and medium enterprises, and compensation for lending, which is not suitable financing to their needs due to the lower credit period or insufficient in most cases, which will inevitably lead to high operating costs and insufficient the funding available for these projects and lower credit period as well as the lack of technical skilled labor due to the inadequacy of the education and training systems to the requirements of development.

Such a move whenever I want him to be achieved, requires to start finding appropriate his legislation to provide the appropriate legal framework to him in full coordination with the concerned authorities in the stock market and the Central Bank of Iraq and under the action of private banks in Iraq Act, something which turned the Central Bank of its importance in 2008 through his call for private banks to set up investment funds among themselves to buy stocks that experience a decline in prices, in order to ensure its stability and encourage them to grant loans to ensure shares offered in the stock market, something which stayed away from implementation to this day.

Perhaps this is the slowdown in the entry into the successful recruitment goes back to what provided by oil surpluses from large government investment financing identified the need for such investment funds needed today to call forth from To activate the new orientation towards it.

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