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«Savings imbalances»

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1 «Savings imbalances» on Sun Nov 15, 2015 2:05 am


«Savings imbalances»

Author: Yasser incumbent

11/15/2015 0:00

He did not want economist appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that injects himself in research into the causes of the savings imbalances, but he had been raised in the current economic situation and the challenges resulting from it and thus draw a clear picture of the most prominent problematic suffered by the Iraqi economy.

Occur High-level isolation of the economy analyzed because of the weakness of Culture savings on the one hand the public and the absence of savings policy at the state level what drove the country to the rapid affected by the financial crisis that has befallen him.

We find ample time before the planners on the one hand and the owners of economic decision-making from the other side follow the advantages of intelligent imbalances savings analysis and try to handle the situation and ask it to sacrifice many of the consumer requirements of the Government of whatever pose the importance of excluding military confrontation course.

The adoption of savings policy is supposed to be based on the financial capacity of available accounts and take them into consideration in the preparation of public budgets, and reconsider the current budget if required in particular, and she did not acknowledge until the moment.

and return to the causes of the savings decline in the country it is necessary to formulate methods that encourage savings, including the approval of the Deposit Insurance Law, and is its importance in the return of confidence in the government and private banks after they demolished because of some banks measures not to allow personal withdrawals weakened the desire of citizens to go forth and preference compactness profile.

Savings one of the most prominent is the media face liquidity crises on the one hand and move and activate the productive sectors through credit policies banking court so the bug that injury has become exciting and clear in the first financial tremor hit the country as a result of lower oil prices.

When the experts indicates that Iraq is not bankrupt but complain of a lack of revenue but strengthen the vision that the compactness Profile shares is hiding other liquidity ratios and large it has to be research into the causes of the savings imbalances and encircle and treatment, and more importantly Is Pay attention to the content of the stakeholders in favor of expert article?

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