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How was ruled Iraq under Mr. (Nuri al-Maliki) and his son (Ahmad)

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How was ruled Iraq under Mr. (Nuri al-Maliki) and his son (Ahmad)


To you the model represents a style rule and you can imagine the size of similar cases: God does not brought that era ... God does not brought that era ... not God brought that era ...
On the first anniversary (11.12.2014) for the loss of Mr. ( Nuri al-Maliki) to a lawsuit filed against us in court Integrity !!!!! briefed Aaooloa kernels, that the memory of those who have a heart or hearing a martyr ... this issue will remain to repeat that God does order was res judicata. (Ahmed Nouri Maliki) brings us outside of Karbala On (3/13/2013) to Nasiriyah and accused us (b incitement against the government) repeat (incitement against the government) !!!!!! And it is an honor if you know great. (Nuri al-Maliki) resides on a lawsuit against us (04/15/2013) accuse us to publish the secret transfer to the Office of the Prime Minister a book and lose his lawsuit !!!!!! Vuk pregnancy Tklah !!! Maybe because we are from Touirij !!! What to do if you were to use their existing Tikrit or Anbar ??? !!! Did they do something in Mishan Jubouri Vdhaiath Zora ??? !!! some published in Facebook critic of the performance of local government and the central motivate some losers officials and index them to corruption (Ahmed) ... Vihemena (Ahmed (b) incitement against the government) and ordered b (take us outside Karbala) ... and they obey the relevant authorities !!!!!! Nuri al-Maliki and followed his claim against us in front of the Integrity Court claim is for him does not exist, a publication of the secret transport of the Office of the Prime Minister a book. It was a result that transport confiscated distinctive piece of ground stability Career Doctors jurisdiction ... and before that denied General Manager of them (the state law) of the pilgrimage. (((I swear by the Lord of the dancers do not want to, but the fight against negative phenomena and suspicions of corruption in our institutions ... the world arose, we did not sit and showered we lawsuits from all sides and transfer, and the looting of the rights, and penalties her first and not her last))). This is the price Expensive free pen to criticize the government's performance !!!!! Is Otntna this business ??? the wound to heal, and the bitterness between Hnajery and throat, and Gss place mattress in my chest ... Far, very far ... tricks between you and Metridon ... and the consequence for Mottagaan ... Vsbera Sabra. Details strangest case of Mr. Nouri al-Maliki against me in the following link What he has done Ahmad al-Maliki, Documents in the following link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and the details of what he has done in the following link Ahmed About the force except God Almighty, Avenger Jabbar. Oh God, he took out from around him and his strength and came in around you and your strength. O God, you who came out of those around you and your strength and income in around him and his power. God is great .............. ......

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