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Businessmen regardless of Dhi Qar, demanding their dues and the freezing of sanctions related instruments of "no stock" law

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Businessmen regardless of Dhi Qar, demanding their dues and the freezing of sanctions related instruments of "no stock" law


Long-Presse / Dhi Qar
Called Iraqi businessmen Union in Dhi Qar, on Saturday, the House of Representatives and the ministers to pay the dues of companies and contractors of the implementation of government projects, as warned of the repercussions of the financial crisis and the resulting delay in the launch of predecessor projects for the owners of companies, stressed the need to freeze work to rule 459 of the Criminal Code relating to instruments without balance law.
The head of the Businessmen Union in Dhi Qar Ahmed Abdul Wahid architecture, in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The Iraqi businessmen in Dhi Qar claim to the House of Representatives and the ministers regardless for the implementation of government projects financial dues," pointing out that "the delay in the launch of project advances resulting from the severe financial implications on a slide contractors and owners of companies and a wide cross-section of businessmen. "
The statement, presented businessmen in Dhi Qar to "many tribal and legal problems with funders and partners because of non-payment of State for Finance entitlements", adding that "not fulfill the government financial obligations stipulated in the contracts is a lack of equilibrium between the parties of the equation of the contractor and the state ".
It pointed out that the Federation of Iraqi businessmen in Dhi Qar "student through a proposal by the government and parliamentary authorities to stop the legal consequences provided for in Article 459 of the Iraqi Penal Code and not to be applied against the business on a temporary basis and until settles from the economic crisis men", stressing the need to "apply the spirit of justice and not a legal text in the problems plaguing communities in the shadow of the financial crisis. "
Dozens of contractors and business owners in the province of Dhi Qar, demonstrated on Wednesday (August 26, 2015), in front of the governorate building to demand regardless own 2013 projects financial dues, and as pointed out that allocated to finance preservation projects do not cover 10% of the dues Contractors only money, They threatened to sit in the event of failure to respond to their demands.
He was the governor of Dhi Qar, said on Sunday (June 14, 2015) that the project funds do not cover the debt owed to the companies and contractors, indicating, that the administration of the province will adopt the mechanism adopted by the recent Council of Ministers in the payment of those debts, according to the percentages achieved in the completion of projects, noting, The finance preservation projects and the plan adopted in this area require more than 800 billion dinars in general, and that what has been achieved at the present time of the stages of the work of these projects requires more than 115 billion dinars, and this debt due and payable to contractors.
The number of government projects currently stalled in Dhi Qar province as a result of the financial crisis, 444 projects spread over 22 sectors Khaddmaa and developmentally.

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