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Mr. Hakim calls for the allocation of {5} trillion dinars for the establishment of the Iraqi Women's Bank and confirms the resolution of the debate over the future of Iraq expanded {}

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Mr. Hakim calls for the allocation of {5} trillion dinars for the establishment of the Iraqi Women's Bank and confirms the resolution of the debate over the future of Iraq expanded {}


Mr. Hakim calls for the allocation of {5} trillion dinars for the establishment of the Iraqi Women's Bank and confirms the resolution of the debate over the future of Iraq expanded {}
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, the prime minister to allocate a portion of the $ {5} trillion dinars allocated to support small and medium enterprises, and allocated for the establishment of the Iraqi Women's Bank, while stressing resolve the controversy over the future of Iraq, which will remain one unified.

Mr. Hakim said in a speech during a ceremony held in his office on the occasion of the Islamic Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women "We are in an atmosphere of Karbala .. In Ashura path where History records for us the story of patience and reduce pain, and tells us an example of ugly violence and abuse and oppression, adding that wars are located Always along the pages of history, but the most violent of the war itself it is located after the end of the war! .., how to deal with the victims, who are usually in the majority of them women and children.
"He continued," no matter what religion, race and the case, the victims are often equal in pain and violence directed at them, and the heroine of Karbala she wants only to be one of these women in the pages of history, and with it the silks of the house of prophecy, "but he also said" It affiliation tax to the house of the message and prophecy and project divine For as sacred to be sacrificed.
"He pointed out that shall surely go from one country to another and that the deal is far from a barbaric manner humanitarian, a grandfather of the Prophet {r} who ruled in his name, and called to prayer in his name, and raised the banner of succession in his name !! We have to stop at this scene a lot and contemplate; because of the harshest scenes of Ashura painful and sad.
"I can justify war and fighting for any tyrant, and can be played massacre appalling kill their men and children without discrimination of any brute power, but what is the justification Busby women are free from Prophecy house in the succession of the alleged prophecy !! ?? and what is the justification for this psychological defamation enormous when women are forced to watch their fathers heads, and their brothers, and their children, and their husbands, was hoisted on the spears for days and days !! ...
"What is the justification for such cruelty and the ugliness This inhumane violence in the Islamic state alleged at the time was not older than 60 years, since he announced the Prophet of Islam {r} has dealt with his family in this way!. Certainly not one find an acceptable justification whatever was harsh and skewed and farther in the crime ...
He pointed out that we today we focus on this scene; to say that the imams of Ahl al-Bayt {p} when they espouse the cause, they do not eat as a matter of theory, but as a matter of practical experience all the painful details and all the cruelty brought to bear against them.
He continued .. We are a victim of violence, extremism and inhuman, and the best proof of our adherence to this divine line is that we are refusing to violence and cruelty and brutality, whatever the calling to him the reasons, and the best day we remember it and condemn violence against women is the first of zero While slaves Al entered the Prophet {r} to the Levant and Anfoa those brutal way.
"He said the" divine approach of approach to the Messenger of Allah {r} and his family valued solidarity in practice with women human being against violence and humiliation suffered by the hands of savages the name of humanity and with missing the feeling and emotions .
"He noted that" Today women suffer in our region in general and in our country Iraq of ill-treatment as a result of senseless blood-based wars, they shocked the absence of security and stability, which affected the father, or brother, or husband, or son, a captive, or raped, or detained, or that force the acts against humanity and rights.
"He pointed out that" This contract is one of the worst humanitarian contracts against women and their rights and dignity ... where ignorance and narrow-mindedness and backwardness poisoned deviant ideas that oppress women and dealing brutally, and in violation of their right to dignity, freedom and justice. "
He explained that "today the challenge up to a maximum Mdyate We face a terrorist attack criminal and perverted trying to usurp a full ton, and Tzipi wives the name of religion and logos false .. It reproduce deviant attack suffered by the heroine of Karbala, the same roots of deviation and extremism and inhuman."
sisters Alfadilat. ..
He added that "the right of women we have a large and great, and always we adopt initiatives and projects process aimed at building women's and make it an emerging positive force in the community, and some of these initiatives and projects may saw the light, and some of them, unfortunately, did not write to him to come out of the bureaucracy and red tape inclusion."
He said "Supreme Council for Women is one of the formations that we asked them was, he saw the light thanks to God and must take an area, and do tools and adopts quality at the level of improving the situation of women's initiatives, I hope from those who support it to get him from the functional status to interactive case that is required of it responsibilities" .
He pointed out that "there are women Bank initiative which we demanded it for years, and did not this initiative turn into a practical reality, an initiative focused on the establishment of a specialized bank for women to finance small and medium enterprises run by women."
He said the "economic empowerment of women is one of the most important tools Enabling a community, and today we are in dire need for this bank, and especially in light of the difficult economic situation, which is going through the country, which requires exceptional ideas, and also there are more than a million women had lost the breadwinner socially or economically because of the situation of Iraq for more than three decades.
"said "I turn to the prime minister and the central bank in order to allocate a portion of the $ 5 trillion dinars allocated to support small and medium enterprises, and allocated for the establishment of the Iraqi Women's Bank."
I call upon the citizens bloc in parliament and political blocs and other precious to adopt this project and turn it into reality, and provide Guetaouath legislative.
I also call on officials in the oil ministry and local governments in the oil-producing provinces specify the percentage of the amount of social services provided by licensing companies, allocated to service and the development of rural women exclusively in the areas in which they operate these companies, and the creation of a feminist institute to train women to craft industries and the development of management skills and technical for women.
He added that "our support for the women is to build impregnable dam that protects society and strengthens its foundations."
He continued .. take this opportunity; to touch on important and sensitive axes in the political reality present in our common future as a nation and society.
"I personally believe that the best opportunities settlements Historic available when things reach the point of political deadlock! When accumulate crises and growing challenges even some up to almost convinced that things reached the irreversibility point, then be adjustments historical may lengthen and become at hand and say settlements historical and not a prosthetic; we tried halves and led us to a dead end and grim endings; because by halves it is in truth prosthesis solutions, it is no longer the nation and the people willing to take on such solutions. "
And that "compromises the historic need to extraordinary courage and mentalities think boldly and hope, and leaders enjoy a high spirit and ready to be flexible, fair, equitable and balanced."
Mr. Hakim However, to say " many variables have occurred in recent times, and we have to re-fact assessment and thinking seriously to provide work project represents a social contract and politically agree with it, and move forward and move beyond all previous political mistakes, and restores some evaluation of the old perceptions are interrelated and make it reality.
"He continued," I announced From this podium and free Almtakha that 2015 is the year to resolve the debate over the future of Iraq, and I assure you that Iraq assented perspective will remain one united, God willing, I say it for history and full confidence and Ahsboha and Othagoha Ali.
"He added," Yes, we have suffered from the dialectic that we are heading Iraq towards one or Araqat ethnic and multi-confessional!? , This controversy now been resolved, and we are striding toward one Iraq despite all the crises and challenges that we face and we
suffer. "He explained that" this determination Hsmth events on the ground after hitting all Iraqis to fully convinced that they Christfezon their dignity and their presence within a unified Iraq, not outside. " .
"The shape of the final Iraq unified certainly may not know, and whether Iraq federations and regions or Iraq provinces have enjoyed great powers and a decentralized system, but it is important that we are confident that we are moving towards a unified Iraq, and this is what will help resolve a lot of points controversial.
"He said the" second truth is that the brutal terrorism takfirist proved all Iraqis they would face weakness without a unified Iraq, and that power their unity, and this fact was felt in the son of Basra also felt son of Erbil, and still I'm Mosul dear suffering from the brunt of the terrorist occupation criminal, barbaric takfirist Aldaasha ... He is now aware of a unified Iraq value, home and homeland fathers and forefathers, in spite of all counterfeiting and incitement which he was previously, Son of Mosul, now sees the brutal terrorism which is governed and controlled by the State of the devil, which is governed by the name of Islam distorted and deviant.
"Mr. Hakim "As painful third fact is that the injustice has become an Iraqi recipe purely transient communities and nationalities, have included all the components of this great nation and all religions."
He pointed out that injustice is no longer a Shiite banner or Kurdish !! ... but became an Iraqi flag. .. The hair also Sunni Balmazlomah, and networking, and Yezidi, and Christian, and Turkmen ... This is a big and important fact; because the language of the oppressed one, fears one and his vision for the future one.
He added that "from these three facts we can start to chart the way for the production of social and political project map mature, makes us reconciled with ourselves and we gain the respect of our people and the world.
"He continued," We should not be afraid Alambhouhh and in crisis sounds that feed on the contradictions of any party issued under any title was ... We need to discourage the brave leaders to achieve an historic political breakthrough will be the size of crises and challenges we are facing ... we have a day elements of legislative and constitutional and legal good, but it needs a serious and effective activation .. and we have an international situation more understanding to our needs and the needs of the region and the way their leaders and their people thinking.
"He pointed out that we have a constitution can be relied upon strongly for a starting point for building state and protect the homeland, although we are aware that it is not a complete or perfect, but it represents an important ground for the start of work and starting again, and when what has been building bridges of trust anything adjustable or development.
"He said that" reform is everyone's responsibility and can not be for this Iraq that led or managed a solid color and mood one and see which one stays the others are waiting and watching and they are under threat and challenge circle, and then paying the price for mismanagement !! ... We have to rationalize the governance and invest all possibilities and this is the first and most important step in reforms.
"and between "The rationalization of the referee begins to separate procedures for political positions !!, and the dimensions of state institutions for partisan, sectarian and territorial behavior ... and the restructuring of institutions in a scientific and thoughtful and the integration of surplus and interoperability in the work and duties, and to reduce the rings routine and bureaucracy, and the launch of an effective package of laws, which represents priority in the restructuring of the state and society ... and we will consult with political leaders in order to re-activate the Supreme Policy Council, and the launch of the Council of reconstruction and
development. "He added," We've been watching since the length of political interactions on the scene, and assess the government's performance, and we follow the impact of steps reform undertaken by the government ... as we're watching and we follow and assess the international and regional mobility in our region in general and in our country in particular, and how to change the political rules upon which this region, as it approaches the decisiveness; to be in front of a new political rules, and we must not remain spectators await from others determine the direction of the compass, and the quality of relationships that Stervtna with this new reality ... and here comes the actual need to activate the Supreme Council
policies. "He continued," As the economic crisis and lower oil prices, which represents only contained to Iraq at the present time, it motivates us more to launch the Council of reconstruction and linking economic and monetary institutions together in order to work in an orderly fashion and avoid large and painful economic vibrations, which will be followed by great social and political vibrations also ... {One of the main candidates for this location deceased Iraq Dr. Ahmad Chalabi God's mercy}.
"However, Mr. Hakim by saying, "we have a vision and we have the courage and believe in the mentality and the spirit of the team, and are aware of the facts on the ground and see that there is great potential and definite to achieve a political breakthrough historical and jump great strides towards the future."
He continued, "We only need a serious partners and understand the fact that takes two to tango, and homelands are built in partnership, and the exchange of ideas and the conviction to work as a team and complementarity of roles.
"He explained that" Iraq is our responsibility and we are not of those who give up its responsibilities, and we will work with our brothers in the development of a national project reformist realistically be passing each failures of the previous stages and each border artificial psychologically and morally, and that the opportunity now and is very large.
"" I take this opportunity to express our condemnation serious terrorist crimes, which affected the friendly Republic of France and our solidarity with the French government and people in the face of terrorism and eliminate it, and our sympathy with the families of the victims and the wounded, we have confirmed repeatedly that the fight against terrorism Aldaasha not the Iraqi battle purely, but is the battle of the entire world and that did not come together efforts to address Daash in Iraq and Syria, for the world that is preparing to confront them everywhere.
"God save Iraq from all evil, and save this patient oppressed people, and save the Supreme Religious our reference that taught us that part of the national faith. Ended h

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