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Security forces rush of three axes to clear gray

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Security forces rush of three axes to clear gray


11/14/2015 0:00

Edit Sinjar and the supply of {Daash} of Syria
raise the Iraqi flag over prescriptive emergency Anbar
BAGHDAD - morning
Arbil - Sundus Abdul Wahab
welcomed with field commanders near ZF Bushra final victory in Ramadi after starting forces on three axes towards the city center, to coincide with the announcement, yesterday, for the liberation of the entire district of Sinjar, west of Mosul, and this Daash ways gangs lost supplying toward Syria, including precipitate from the date of liberalization of Nineveh province, quick and swift process, according to the commander of Nineveh operations.
A statement of the Joint Special Operations Command that the armed forces launched a military operation to liberate the city of Ramadi and is progressing on three axes (western and northern and south-western) Btiran backed by air power, stressing that these forces are determined to cleanse the gray and Stzv Bushra final victory in the near future. As announced media military cell, the arrival of pieces of the northern axis to prescriptive emergency Anbar near Ramadi center and raised the Iraqi flag over it.
The start of this process after holding Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider Abadi, a meeting of the security and military leaders in Anbar province, the presence of the Governor Sahib the narrator. There was discussion of the importance of sustaining the momentum of victories in the province and edit the rest of the people usurped areas of terrorists Daash, and to emphasize the importance of cooperation between the province's sons and clans with the security forces to liberate every inch of the land of the province and integrated coordination among all security and military units of the army, the police and the crowd and popular sons of the tribes to move forward in achieving victories over the enemy.
According to a spokesman for the joint operations Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, the outcome of editing the Po area process Hayat strategy near Haditha and al-Baghdadi, which is the side of Anbar province .. included killing (252) Daashaa including 17 leadership, and the destruction of 30 wheel bomb and Rchastein Ahadetyn  
and 27 nest of terrorists and the seizure of three piles of ammunition and destroyed five mortar detachments 120 mm and address the 14 houses booby-trapped and destroyed 7 rocket launchers and the dismantling of 576 explosive device.
In boycotted Nineveh province .. Peshmerga forces imposed, on Friday, supported by flight international coalition control of the district of Sinjar ( west of Mosul) in full, in a large-scale operation was launched yesterday morning the first of three axes for the Liberation of eliminating the reality on the highway between Mosul President and tenderness two stronghold Daash terrorist gangs in Iraq and Syria, said Chairman of the Peshmerga in Kurdistan Parliament and content in the Sinjar district in telephone conversation with the correspondent «morning» that forces liberated during the operation, dubbed (Sinjar free) number of villages and areas down to the silo Sinjar, as well as the supply of those gangs. He added that the engineering effort is combed all eliminate areas of the dismantling and removal of car bombs and improvised explosive of the main and branch roads, residential areas, buildings and departments and others, have been killed more than 100 terrorists with the participation of about 7,500 fighters of the Peshmerga forces in this battle.  
In the same regard, an official said flags Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Mosul Ghias Surja, the correspondent «morning» in a telephone interview from Sinjar: The terrorists cut off all supply lines after full control of the Tel Kabara international express and road and thus cut supplies between Mosul and the tenderness in Syria. While reassured commander of Nineveh operations star-Jubouri, the people of the province .. that loss Daash lines supplied resulting from the liberalization of Sinjar, some areas of Afar make an appointment edit Nineveh close and the process of lightning after placing the necessary plans for it .. urging them not to approach the headquarters of Daash, to the intensification of and the continued strikes on hideouts of those bands, and urged them to follow-up the radio broadcast directed to know the recommendations and guidelines that ensure their safety and to be aware of the conduct of operations and their results first hand.
Meanwhile stressed many parents through phone calls with correspondent «morning» from inside Mosul .. displacement of hundreds of Families of Baaj area between the districts of Sinjar and Tal Afar as well as from Tal Afar to Mosul for fear of battles that may occur editing district of Tall Afar of terrorists, and pointed out that the general hospital in Mosul received, yesterday morning, 120 bodies of dead «Daash» including 15 terrorists carrying British, Chinese and Turkish nationalities and Russian, country, and Saudi Arabia, who are leading elements of the terrorist gangs died in the liberation of Sinjar battles, while Aldoaash impose tough measures around the hospital in order to conceal the size of their losses and were prevented from approaching any item and evacuated a number of the city's hospitals to treat their wounded.

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