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The opening of the electricity gas station architecture

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The opening of the electricity gas station architecture

11/14/2015 0:00

Architecture - Saad
Hassan, Minister of Electricity Engineer Qassim Mohammed Fahdawi opened architecture electricity gas station carried out by the company (Stx) Korean 500 MW
card., Said Minister of Electricity Engineer Qassim Mohammed Fahdawi during the opening speech in the presence of «morning»: The opening of this plant, which is a big accomplishing has been in a difficult period experienced by the country in light of the financial crisis that beset him, persisting that the Ministry of Electricity and despite these circumstances, but it was serious about the implementation of this project.
The minister pointed out that there are a lot of problems facing the National Electrical system in the country, and stands head-corruption in circles and become his claws resist by all practical mechanisms progress, he said.
He cautioned that the perpetrators of corruption began to use other means of distracting the judiciary and the impartiality things secondary unrelated to real corruption, in order to divert attention from them in government departments, and who have caused delays in the arrival of electricity service to the citizen in all parts of Iraq, promising to achieve other achievements through the opening of several power stations in the next few days, all the way to solve the problem of electricity.
For his part, the governor of Maysan Ali Douai during his speech at the opening of the new station, the implementation of this station has been the result of concerted efforts Angels ministry and the province as well as those who dwell citizens' efforts near the station.
As explained that the plant consists of four units have been linked to the national grid, between each unit with a capacity of 125 MW, calling on the Ministry of Electricity to the need to allocate a portion of this energy for the people of the province to ease the load on the Iranian Line .
The ministry student at the same time in coordination with the Iranian side to improve the quality of processed energy.
He noted that the total cost of the station, which operates on the acid gas through a tube from the Halfaya field amounted to $ 149 million.
For his part, the President of the Provincial Council Munther griller »Sabah» The completion of this plant, which the local staffs have contributed to complete them within the period specified and international specifications, benefit the development of the capacity of these staffs the completion of large projects.
The male head of the Oil and Energy Committee in the Council Amer Nasrallah, the RTS is one of the strategic projects important to supplement the national grid.

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