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Buy ration materials industry companies

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Buy ration materials industry companies


11/14/2015 0:00

Baghdad, Ahmed Abed Rabbo
heading the Ministry of Commerce and within its tireless efforts to support the various national industries, to agreement with the competent subsidiaries to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in order to buy their products, especially entering them within your own vocabulary ration cards, like polychlorinated oil and sugar.  
Director of Planning and Follow-up Department in the ministry Hussein Farhan Karim said in a statement »Sabah», said the Ministry of Commerce on the companies providing the ration card items, in connection with the agreement with the Ministry of Industry on the purchase of its products, specifically materials used them within the ration card items, similar to oil, sugar, indicating that the Minister of Trade and agency Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese face so in addition to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.
The estimated amounts of the ration card to be provided annually by four million and 400 000 tons of wheat vocabulary, and nearly one million and 200 thousand tons of rice, as well as 912 thousand tons of sugar, and about 500 thousand tons of baby milk, and nearly the 600 000 tons of edible oil.
hilarious that limiting the purchase of oil, sugar companies and the Ministry of Industry involved in the production of such material subjects, would bring large profits it on the grounds that the ministry is a need for these materials is performed Monthly, pointing out that the government's drive in light of the financial crisis experienced by the country, serving to encourage the national product and make public companies, private self-funded able to achieve significant gains that will support the economic development process of the country.
The self-financing system began before 2003, and spend to pay the state 60 percent of the employees' salaries compared with 40 percent funded by the self-production of some government institutions to cope with the economic sanctions imposed on the country at the time because of the reckless policies of the dictatorial regime of circumstances.
For his part, the spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Abdul Wahid al-Shammari in a special interview for »morning», that developed in the Ministries of Industry and Trade staffs held several meetings in order to reach cooperation formula eliminates the marketing of his ministry products for the benefit of the ration card, indicating that the food companies in the Ministry of Commerce and promised to buy industry products soon, especially oil, sugar subjects.
He added that his ministry products characterized by high quality, quality excellent, in addition to being subject to ongoing by regulatory agencies in the ministries of health, planning control, as it is a favorite of the Iraqi consumer as a national product.
it fired the Ministry of Industry in the month of August campaign (made in Iraq) in order to consolidate and support various local industries.
suffer most of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Marketing products companies some of which was created to meet the needs of some ministries, such as electricity, oil, etc., However, recent not believe needs of the companies mentioned.
He noted Shammari that the Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji face to prepare a marketing plan fit in with development winning in how to deliver goods to the consumer, with the agreement with the Ministry of Commerce in relation to an investment of supermarkets and mind-based points of sale for products and Ministry of Industry.

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