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FDI perfect solution for the housing crisis

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1 FDI perfect solution for the housing crisis on Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:03 am


FDI perfect solution for the housing crisis


11/14/2015 0:00

Specialist calls for the advancement of industry shelter from which
BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi
He specializes in economic affairs that the Iraqi economy suffers problematic various, particularly the weakness of direct investment in the field of housing, pointing out that the reforms and measures taken recently and the recent launch of the Central Bank's initiative to allocate $ 5 trillion dinars package for various sectors, including housing would be a serious start to meet the growing need for changes in the housing units. The best solution and said competent Mustafa Abdul Razak Mohammed »Sabah» that the country needs to more than 3 million housing units to keep pace with population growth of the country, which can not be bypassed tens of years unless are working to direct investments in the residential side being is the best solution to resolve the crisis. government program said Abdul Razak that the changes in state institutions through measures package and a series of studies as stated by the government program, including the housing sector is a clear signal to the importance of this sector for two reasons. Presidents, explaining that firstly is in need of the country to the new units to reduce the height of the housing units and cut the price of land for many years as well as placed construction materials associated with this sector, which produces out of Iraq because of the domestic product decline Maady to damage the destiny and the possibilities of the country and citizens alike to own private accommodation as a result of rising prices and are ascending. laws and the environment and between that Iraq has a promising and profitable market for investment companies, adding that these companies always collide with the laws and the environment is encouraging as a result of the complex bureaucratic procedures and dilemmas other of sorting and converting Sex land from agricultural to residential, as well as ownership, possession, not to mention the circumstance extraordinary for the country, urging the need to produce a favorable environment conducive to change the vision of investors in the reality of the Iraqi investment at the level of the housing sector or other sectors. He suggested Abdul Razzaq to attract investment, whether on a personal level or at the corporate level to proceed to activate the investment law and encourage local product which is reflected on the rest of the economic activities of the Pan sectors and the events of movement and activity are making financial abundance and savings and thus market recovery in general as well as the reduction of unemployment rates in the community and employment. modern, concluding by noting that the foregoing will create a reality ahead according to global indicators and speed of delivery and the flexibility of the investment activity of banks and through the work of the committees and procedures, thus creating a real desire on the part of foreign investors in the country to come to the fact that the environment especially suited to the country in dire need of units  of housing. The draft second amendment to the Investment Law No. 13 Act of  2006, which lies within the framework of parliamentary reforms where work is under way on a second amendment to the investment law and submitted by the committees of economy, investment and finance in order to facilitate the organization of work in the investment bodies and address some of the constraints shown by the practice in the application of law in order to create an encouraging and favorable investment climate in all sectors and the granting of the exemptions privileges and soft loans attractive to investors and to allow the ministries to share with the private sector (Iraqi and foreign) and mixed for the rehabilitation and operation of the subsidiaries to be reflected positively on economic development and reconstruction of  Iraq.

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