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Investment and ownership of the land calls for concern for the environment incubator for projects

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Investment and ownership of the land calls for concern for the environment incubator for projects


11/14/2015 0:00

Thamer Alheims  
that the adoption of amendments to the investment law requires a review of the factors handicapping for large projects, whether those relating to foreign investment or domestic. Must attention seriously to the environment incubator for the project is not technically and economically feasible, but also aspects of the still constitute yet extruder new project component, most notably the problem of land ownership, which is also known that the properties are attributable to the acquisition, as the most princely territories, namely: a government and this property is one of the problems facing the investment, especially foreign depending on the ownership of the land and the specificity of the project.
These constraints dealt with the experience of the Ministry of Oil and succeeded in oil projects that pass in their areas of oil pipelines areas.
However, as a result of the different nature of oil projects from the others need to be strengthened industrial incubator in the countryside first under possible plan through a combination of modern agricultural project and generic or complementary industrial and these integrated projects to be more economically feasible.
For example, project tomato paste plant whose location is very close to the land that are grown in the crop of tomatoes and so in oils (sesame, sunflower, etc.) and we have a proven models.
These projects so adapted increases in social terms must be resolved problematic ownership of the land with its owners and its ownership and its alternatives and this is not only through the management areas, including have the expertise in dealing with such projects that provide for their children job opportunities to address the widespread unemployment among their children.
So must provide Protection for these projects by the people of the region, especially if a foreigner or from outside the province, and so can the investment project to achieve significant Njakha and so this project opens ample room to convert traditional society to civil society or industrial, and embracing a real industry and the cultivation of advanced courses on traditional affiliations account and on the occasion of the direct administrative decentralization will be the provincial departments accountable to their citizens in the success of new and old, integration and standard for success with high transparency projects and so for administrators immediate specialists, as well as the university in the province and instructive projects of administrative, technical and economic consultation and fields for practical application for students and professors through farms and pilot plants. This is what actually gives the dynamic economic and social interaction.

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