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Daash destroyed 85% of Sinjar and blow up the minaret Abasiya and removed the shrines Yazidis

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Daash destroyed 85% of Sinjar and blow up the minaret Abasiya and removed the shrines Yazidis


It revealed the process of liberalization of Sinjar, west of Mosul, from the widespread destruction of the right of elimination after more than a year on the control "Daash". And the demolition of the extremist organization, during the occupation of the city, dozens of homes and monuments and religious belonging to the Yazidi sect.
And took about eight thousand troops, "peshmerga" Kurdish with support from coalition aircraft, on Thursday, the process of liberalization of Sinjar. He revealed deputies of Nineveh about the existence of "direct support" of US advisers were in the back lines of the Kurdish forces during the editing process of Sinjar.
Representatives expressed optimism this development in the level of US support that occurs "for the first time," Washington point of fact a guarantor to prevent any future conflict in the Nineveh characterized by mixing ethnic and nationalist may explode at any moment.
The two divisions continue military, returned the international coalition Hiklthma, Tdrebathma northern Diyala in preparation for the Liberation of Mosul. Kurdish authorities and allowed the opening of the headquarters of the command of operations south of Irbil, and waiting for thousands of the popular crowd in Mosul and local police the moment of starting operations.
Edit with 24-hour Sinjar
Mmousine Saeed, leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul, said in a conversation with (range), that "under the leadership of the Peshmerga and the supervision of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces in the region, Massoud Barzani, Sinjar city has fully liberated."
He revealed Mmousine for raising the biggest flag of Kurdistan in the town of about 600 m, while the killed and hundreds fled from organizing Daash into Mosul, and there were no injuries occur in the ranks of Kurdish fighters.
Kurdish official pointed out that "the liberalization of Sinjar process lasted only 24 hours," adding that "observers and experts in the military field speculated that the process extends for a week."
He revealed Mmousine for great help provided by the United States via air support, while artillery hit of the Peshmerga militants barricaded sites.
The town of Sinjar, had fallen into the hands of "Daash" in August 2014 after the militant group seized the elements on the connector. Peshmerga and was able to control the Mount Sinjar, late last year, and managed to break the siege 2,000 Yezidi family besieged Daash.
250 sorties in one month
Meanwhile as Hisham al-Hashemi, an expert on militant groups, a number of Western overflights that preceded the liberalization process of Sinjar, about 250 sorties a month since last October.
Hashemi said, in a comment he posted on Facebook, "The dead Daash rate during the month of air strikes by about 12 people a day," revealing "the participation of three battalions of Daash, a battalion strict forearm, and the martyrs of the Caliphate, and Salah al-Din, as well as the tactical units of Infantry and part of rockets and artillery battalion estimated B950-1000 fighters in the battles. "
The Daash had published a "strict forearm" since last year, after the announcement of Massoud Barzani, the transition from defense to attack phase in the vicinity of the area around Mosul, the provincial areas.
The "battalion forearm" special police force of what is known as the "Ministry of War" to Daash, and is a foreign majority of the battalion elements who are riding in the SUV, and it is their task of protecting "stomata" regions, namely the roads leading to northern Iraq. The battalion also booby-trapped the main roads, and the villages surrounding Mosul.
The destruction of Sinjar landmarks
For his part, Abdul Qadir said Sinjari, deputy governor of Nineveh province, who is in Sinjar, said that "the Peshmerga forces liberated the Sinjar district and move to edit other aspects of the spend." Two aspects and Sinjar, Kairouan, and the north, and the last was "Peshmerga" has been dominated by a few months ago.
He said local administrator (range) that "the military operation about eight thousand fighters of the Peshmerga, including fighters from Yazidis, where an estimated five thousand fighters participated," pointing out that "the recent strength did not participate in full number in the liberation of Sinjar."
The deputy governor of Nineveh revealed that "the process President cut the supply line between the town of Tal Afar, Mosul and the Syrian city of Raqqa controlled by Daash".
Sinjari and stressed that "the proportion of mass in the center of Sinjar and government buildings by about 85%, while Fajkh Daash still more houses and monuments such as the one that was lighthouses dating back to the Abbasid period, as the demolition of belonging to the Yazidi religious sect landmarks.
The militants targeted the Daash thousands of citizens who belong to the Yazidi minority that live there, through a campaign of murder, rape, enslavement, where most of them were forced to flee to the city of Dohuk.
The evolution of US support
In the meantime, MP for Nineveh Abdul Rahman Alloizi that "the liberalization process Sinjar had been witnessed for the first time the participation of US advisers close to the fighting."
Despite denials by the US administration its presence near the sufficiency of operations and give guidance on yet, but Alloizi expressed optimism, during an interview with the (range), "the evolution of the level of Western support for the war against Daash in Iraq."
Alloizi and saw that "the United States is a party guarantor to prevent a nationalist or sectarian fighting in Mosul after the editing process because of population diversity in Mosul."
And preparations for the liberalization of Mosul process, MP for Nineveh says that "the leadership of Mosul operations, headed by Lt. Gen. Najim al-Jubouri, opened an office in the district of drunken started, and where about 200 soldiers, as well as continued training of two divisions in the north of Diyala area, a geographic area similar to Mosul so far.
The restructuring has two opinions militaries as the second and third divisions 15 and 16, after the fall of Mosul in June 2014 in preparation for the battle to liberate Zjhma in Nineveh.
Despite the frustration of Mosul, officials due to the withdrawal of part of the employees of these two opinions and engage them in the edit gray battles, but Alloizi says that "fear has been removed after we thought that all Alvrgitn withdraw from Mosul, leading to Anhakmha but what happened is to take a few of them part."
The MP for the coalition forces for "the existence of about 8 thousand local policeman were trained in Dobrdan area were taken a few months ago to the camp released the channel and then to Spyker," adding that "about seven thousand other element of the police were not able to catch up with their peers because of the road, And because most of them displaced in the Kurdistan region. "
He demands Alloizi and a number of his fellow deputies Mosul government "amnesty for Mosul police, who are not enrolled in Spyker to lack of time."
And it has thousands of volunteers in a drunken, of the sons of the tribes Sbaaoyen, and the flames and Jabour, waiting for the moment of the Emancipation Proclamation Mosul process, as well as another crowd resides in the Rabia area northwest of Mosul, who are from the families of the Shammar who cooperated with the Peshmerga, the International Alliance of liberalization of their areas of "Daash" and catch it .
It remains in northern Mosul, a group of crowd numbering in 1034 was the former governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi oversees groomed directly.
Alloizi revealed that "a major government in Baghdad and the region Haider al-Abadi and Massoud Barzani, refused two requests ahead of the former Ethel Nujaifi to lead the crowd, estimated at 200 the rest of it just a fighter."

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