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In order to invest the importance of finding an optimal way by the implementation of the project ..!

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In order to invest the importance of finding an optimal way by the implementation of the project ..!

11/14/2015 0:00

Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi

Chinese say: that I wanted to get rich, knowing your children fishing and open to them a path connects them to the river to catch fish and then return it to sell quickly before the crash .. Based on this rule interested in Chinese frequently transport ways, they have a highly developed transport network helped China to build a strong economy has become a strong match for the major strong global economies, and road construction and development in all the advanced countries of the world receive the attention and top priority it represents the basis for all development sectors, if we talked about the housing sector, for example, will not be possible to construct residential complexes unless there are excellent ways to pay people the like even that was far from city centers, and us in the complex (Basmajh) residential proof of that, it is perfect project and a lot of important features, but we did not find turnout clear by citizens to obtain housing units there with a stifling the housing crisis that suffer including the capital Baghdad, the reason behind the lack of appetite This is due primarily mainly to the lack of appropriate ways to feel the citizens towards them that access to this compound Esthlk him a lot of time, and this talk applies to all other sectors, for this, the first step that must be resolved and completed before proceeding with the implementation of any investment project is a modern and sophisticated road network, otherwise the project will fail no matter what its size and all the money will go to waste, and this problem is almost clear-cut in Iraq. When we talk about transportation talk it is not limited to paved roads but also includes the railway and this is probably more important than regular roads in some cities shall be of high economic feasibility. If Maagayna quick look at the types mentioned in particular the railway Fsngdaa still primitive and unable to keep pace with the development witnessed by the world in this context, the Iraqi railways remained its broad and trains is effective as it should, Valqillan did not witness any development or expansion during recent decades, as is the case in neighboring countries, and therefore will not be possible to update the fleet of trains modern kinds unless the railway evolve, if we talked about the road are other did not expand grammar who keeps Machdh Iraq of a large population increase, as we are talking today about more than 36 million people, and the resulting of import huge numbers of cars capacity exceeded local networks of existing roads, including national or, for that we find Zhamat suffocating in city centers and even in the outer roads, this is would induce a state of confusion to the wheel of the national economy .. and us as seen in the province of Karbala holy annually through visits millions of suffocation large living testimony to that failed all actions that take a year to solve the problem, which lies in the lack of roads and Yards enough to accommodate vehicles, with the availability of land that can be invested to build new roads. Hence our call for the need to go serious about real investment in the transport sector by making use of the advantages of the rate of the new investment law, which confirmed the adoption of the single-window electronic governance that will fight against corruption and the corrupt who worked throughout the past years on the bargaining investors off and thus were the cause of the flight of many of these investors .. It is certain that investors, many Iraqis and foreigners have the desire and the willingness to enter strongly for investment opportunities in the transport sector, as in other sectors, and is no secret to anyone that the developed countries would not have to evolve if it did not behave investment methods in all sectors development, including the transport sector away from auctions and empty slogans that brought us to where we are ..

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